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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Allow Us To Be Frank

"I'll be your witness in the silence, when words are not enough. For every breath I take I will give thanks to God above."
Testify To Love - Avalon

It made my heart melt to see how much Sri Nobel has grown throughout the years, from an unstable and unsure facility to finally, a full-blown secondary school. It's an honour to have been a student here, and I will definitely miss the last few years of my secondary school.

As I mentioned in my last post, this award should really, really bear YOUR name.

I wish that I could actually divide that voucher that came with it into equal parts so that everyone in Sri Nobel can get their share of making this possible. I have a debt to Sri Nobel that all the gold in the world cannot pay.

I want to specially thank Aunty Clarine in this post. Even though you couldn't be there to witness the awards day, I'm certain that God put the same amount of joy in your heart as you watched the primary school kids receiving their awards for all their achievements. Without this school, I would have nowhere to go to shine. I'm like the tungsten filament of Edison's experiment. I can only glow and shed my light when I'm in the right bulb. In this case, you provided me with all the tools to make it possible, complete with teachers and friends to help me along the way. It's something that is really too much to ask for, but I didn't even ask, it came straight to me.

The smile you bear upon your face reminds me of the millions of smiles you have brought to the less fortunate throughout the country. Deep in your heart, you heard God's calling to change the world, and I would be proud to follow in your footsteps. Just like how we Form 5-ers have laid the path for the rest of the school to follow, you are clearing a road that I long to follow.

SPM is beginning in approximately 12 hours and 13 minutes time. I have been keeping a close lock on the time remaining, making sure I clear all my emotional baggage and negative buffs from my head. It's a pity that I can't spend the last 3 days in Sri Nobel with everyone, but do know that ALL OF YOU have a big place in my heart.


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