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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Act A Fool

"I think I'm losing what's left of my mind to the 20th Century deadline."
21st Century Breakdown - Green Day

Getting Add Maths into my head was such a tough job, and now i need to wash it out to make space for the 3 sciences......

I'm back in business as it's a long weekend before the Biology paper, the first of my final 3 subjects. SPM has been an AWESOME journey so far. Through the ups and downs and the depression of leaving school, it still was really worthwhile, and really fun too. SPM as never portrayed itself to be a flowery and sunny track on a summerday. Most people see it as a dark and worrisome part of their lives that makes brings anxiety to the soul.

It's actually very calming to endure this test. The feeling of accomplishment after a paper is amazing. You feel great even if you consciously know you messed up. Why? It's because you know deep down in your heart that you gave your best. God did the rest. He even threw in a smile on your face just to let you know that He cares :).

Besides. You'll realize that what you've been doing for the past 2 years of you life (unless you're SO damn brilliant that you skipped Form 4) is coming to good use. Thought Sejarah was useless? Let it pay off now! To all 2009 SPM students, you've poured it all out on your exam paper. It's over! You should be happy about that. Why? Unless you wanna retake Form 5, it the last time you'll be seeing it.

Within the last few weeks of school, the budding talents from Perfektion Studios pulled together the faces of Sri Nobel students in a project to re-make the music video of Satu Malaysia. It's really something. Go watch :)

Sorry about the camera-screen-capture video. This was not uploaded with me. The person hosting this video is not affiliated with Drive The Sensation or either, but be thankful that someone had the heart to put this up.

I just got back from the Hospital for visiting my mum and the girl who inspired me to start blogging, Kathleen Koh, had a pretty nasty dedication on the of her friends said she should be studying and shouldn't be online, but what the heck. It's a long weekend. Time to relax and enjoy before switching back to exam mode! You wanted a taste of the holidays? Here you go!

Her initial tweet exclaiming the happening....

...and me trying to be a hero by retweeting it :)

Ok. I'm done clowning for the night. Bye.


P.S. Spot the bimbo in the tweets!!

Another lil' advertlet

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