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Monday, 5 October 2009

Tender Percussion

"Say a prayer for the family, drop a coin for humanity."
East Jesus Nowhere - Green Day

For years Travis Barker had dominated the rock world as drummer of Blink 182. However, after the group disbanded, he continued on doing rock remixes of hip-hop and rap songs, especially those by Flo-Rida and Soulja Boy Tellem.

Further across the globe is someone who is still rocking to the prophecy of St. Jimmy. Tré Cool, the drummer of the legendary punk-rock band Green Day still has the magic in his hands after playing for the same band for nearly 20 years. Green Day is a really awesome group. Their perspectives on the modern world and politics reflect alot on what we are doing to change it. It makes us aware of what trouble we really are in if we never change.

Somewhere else, Lars Ulrich is nailing the hickories in a band known as Metallica. The biggest symbols of Heavy Metal. He can really lose it on the drums and disengage from his self-consciousness on the stage.

But however, someone has outdone them...

These drummers have taken years of hard rocking and training and experience to get them to where they are now.

Someone who hasn't even lived as long as their career is already put on the overtake signal in his journey of life, and he's none other than 4-Year Old Jonah Rocks.

You can see his Vic Firth drummer profile here:

Yes! He is a Vic Firth Drummer! And for all you know his signature 7A Hickory sticks may even be on sale soon!

Alongside being a Vic Firth drummer, he's got his covers on YouTube. Of songs featuring all the above artists. Go take a look - Click here. Embedding was banned for God knows what reason.


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