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Monday, 26 October 2009

The Song In Your Heart

"You kissed me and stopped me from shaking"
Mandy - Barry Manilow

I've been in Sri Nobel since I was 14, and I have never looked back upon the decision to change here. Not that I love Sri Nobel to the bone, but that it is a great school when you weigh it's shortcomings and benefits.

Through these years there have been great friends whom I have walked with, and also some total idiots for God knows what reason I ever even talked to them. I've seen good and bad in all these people. Especially one of them. And just when I thought i had seen all the good in her, she came up and poured sugar all over me.

She's no one other than my big sister, Mandy Teck Ju-Lyn(hope I spelt that right...).

(sorry about the blur look and picture...couldn't find one of you alone!!)

That's her with her oh-so-cute and loveable dog, Zeena. And guess what? She just turned 18 today!!

(That should clearly state that Mandy turned 18, not Zeena c=)

Personally, I have always thought of you as someone older to look up upon, and as we grew closer over the years you only proved me to be right. Honestly, you inspire me. You give me the inspiration to keep holding on to my faith, but mot be blinded by it. You give me the inspiration to believe, even when times are difficult. You taught me many lessons in the past, and as a lil' brother, all I can say is Thank You.

Though we have disagreements and I piss you off alot, I still think our friendship is great, and it's something I'll treasure, for you have something in you that the world lacks today, and that's forgiveness. You can forgive and forget just like that and not let it bother you. Though it may sometimes, you never let it show. That's why I believe that you were BORN to inspire. Your heart is bigger than the one I'm hugging in my profile picture c=.

So keep on living your life as it is, and may you keep inspiring and lighting the path you take for the children who look up upon you. Your heart is a constant reminder to them of their purpose and life. Be a beacon of hope for everyone you talk to, and continue to live, love and laugh to the fullest every day.

Love, hugs and kisses,

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