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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Somebody's Watching Me

"Only You can take the widow's cries, and cause her heart to sing. Be a Father to the fatherless, our Saviour and our King"
Solution - Hillsong United

Due to some screw ups in the WORST web browser in the world, Konqueror, I can't update my blog from my IBM X41 laptop, so i'll have to use dad's com c=.

I still can't wait for this:

To become this:

I mean...12 more days?? I wanna blog, and the stupid browser in Kubuntu 9.04 Jaunty is acting up on me. It just closes on me and doesn't let me enter a word. Hmph!

To start with thhe list of crap i have been up to all day, first of all, I woke up with a sore throat. It was pretty inevitable, felt it coming along yesterday.

Ed came over to study Add Maths yesterday, so we walked to Tropicana City to do some revision in the quiet lounge but he didn't like it, so we took our books to Kenny Rogers. Free bloody unreliable WiFi and good food. Ah, just what we needed. The bill was bigger than any lunch i've ever had with a friend. So we split it. Haha.

Back to today. Went to the doc for meds, and he asked me to go with my mum for some run for represent his clinic...

WOW. Me? Representing an establishment for a RUN!? You gotta be kidding. But then, I'm going.

Came home and studied Chem for a while after my afternoon nap.

My phone rang. Message from Calvin. Read it. You'll probably laugh. Hope you will.

Calvin: So, all hyped up for [Add Maths] paper 1 tomorrow?

Me: Oh yes. Can't wait for it to ruin my SUNDAY.

Calvin: Ah...tomorrow's prety [much a] stress relief for the 1str half of the day. I mean, what could possibly go wrong in EST?

*note: He still doesn't realize the's Saturday, the 17th of October 2009*

Me: Dude, it's okay there?

Calvin: Oh damn. I guess i'm studying too hard.

**My Thoughts: Oh yeah born smart lah. What study you need?**

Me: My goodness. Stop la. Go out. Get some air.

Calvin: Yeah, I really wish I could. For God's sake, I already have my [driver's] license.

Cal, I said go OUT, not into your car lol.

Dinnertime. My mom drove to Subang...with me in the back wondering what for, so we passed by the Skypark and came to the restaurant plaza and DAMN! LALA CHONG ISN'T THERE ANYMORE!! :(

So we ate at the BB Seafood place next door. It was okay. Pretty unique, but also a bit sucky. Bill was a little too high considering the serving size.

So came home, turned on the com. Started blogging. Whee.


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