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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sing It From The Mountains!

"Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find that what you're looking for has been here the whole time."
You Belong With Me - Taylor Alison Swift

My Nuffnang account was collecting dust over the past few months especially after I switched to my new URL. I decided to login today and dig up what I had, and gosh. I have earned fifty cents. Yay!

I didn't expect much financially from blogging. I started off with a desperate need of a place to take it out when i'm mad and lonely and lost...somewhere that even though I may not be heard, will grant me the feeling that I was heard, and surely enough, God hears me everytime c=.

Yes. God can hear this little voice among the thousands of Malaysian bloggers out there. I'm a "one in a million" member of society, but that's what makes me stand out. I'm the unfitting "one".

The big blogs in Malaysia including the all-too-famous (and fantastic) are the daddies of the blogosphere, paving the way towards successful Malaysian blogging for the rest of us. I'm just a little motorbike drafting in the slipstream of the big 18-wheeler driven by the great bloggers who inspire us to keep on blogging.

You're probably wondering why on earth the project Alpha sign has been up there...well, i'm gonna blog about it!

Project Alpha is a multimedia series run by Nuffnang consisting of short 3-4 minute clips, each exposing a new life in the world of blogging. A new life worth reading about and getting in touch with. Someone who stands out for some reason.

Hosted by Jojo Struys, this project is the first of it's kind in the country, and am I excited about it. More blogs to read and learn from. After all, life's a journey that one should never walk alone. When others stumble, we should learn from it and when others succeed, we should follow it. That's what life is all about.

I watched a couple of episodes and heard the question of "Do you have any enemies in the blogosphere?" And I thought to myself: How would you know? Well, there was this one time when inappropriate links were blasted on my tagboard, and very nasty messages were also slapped up there. Well, they may be my enemies, but I am who I am, and only I can change that.

Looking forward and backward through the facts and figures of Project Alpha, I thought to myself of how powerful the blogosphere really is, and that one blog can really, really make a difference. Take and for example. You may think it's a lousy blog because of the blog*spot domain but no! She's in Malaysia's Top 100 Blogs, and that's my dream. Mothers blog about their life like in and (also known as the 5xmom), and they open up the window into the lives of Malaysian women. Wanna see for yourself? It's right here. No need to open YouTube seperately.

If you like it go dig deeper - I'm sure you'll find something that interests you on that site. It's magical c=


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