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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Plastic Ono Band

"She got a way with the boys in the front, treat them like they don't stand a chance."
Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship

When you're motivated enough you'll do anything, and yes we needed a lot of motivation for this something.

It took a treat to Pizza Hut to motivate us to get the award of Cleanest Classroom of the week and yes, we won it. 2 non-consecutive weeks.

Mr. Chan, the greatest headmaster a school could ever have was responsible for that offer, and keep his promise he did. It was awesome, and for you, Mr. Chan, if you're reading this,


This is from all of us in 5 Gold. We all are really grateful, not because we're materialistic, but because you believe in us. You believed that we could pull this off and we prove you right.

So here's some of the pics we took as a class that will go down in history both in our school and in our hearts.

Scotty giving me his I'mma-kill-you stare when I was praying before the meal.

Before we left, we had half a jug of Pepsi left on the table and it would be a pity to let it go to waste, so we played knockouts and the loser had to down it. And behold the loser who won the drink...

He did it alright, so as we returned to school, we decided to work off the literally cheese-y meal we had, and what better way to do it..

And now the hard work is really taxing the daylight out of us, and come to think of it, we're pretty lucky we have some freedom...


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