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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Most Wanted Mash Up

"Just open up and let it in and you will be rescued from the deepest sea."
I Believe - Dr. Alban

I'm watching Sydney White now, and it's supposedly a knocked up college version of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Oh it takes some digging deeper to see the real message of the show.

I just came back from an Aussie edufair. and it was rather eye-opening. Not as if my eyes were never open, but it contributed towards making my final decision for my university life.

I made up my mind about music years ago, but that was when I had a narrow perspective of how the higher education system went. I changed my mind about it whe I saw the curriculum and the way it was taught. The technicality limits creativity so much that it practically and very clearly kills the art. Music, as I said, caters toward the public and society. If it's not suitable for the ears of the public, then screw it.

So I was lost, until I found Mass Communication and I was like THANK YOU JESUS. This was the ultimate way to harness God's gift to me, my creativity. Finally. Somewhere to let it all go.

But college life sounds really scary. The prejudice of cliques and judgemental lecturers who are far too young and inexperienced to teach and preach. I need to be somewhere I can be accepted because there are situations where you need to go with the flow, but there are also sometimes when we need to make a stand to make the world revolve around you.

I pray time will flow slowly so that I may have more time to enjoy my childhood.


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