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Friday, 30 October 2009

Man In The Mirror

"No message could be any clearer: If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make a change!"
Man In The Mirror - The Jackson 5

I forgot to blog about getting tickets to the premiere of Michael Jackson's This Is It! I know I shouldn't be out watching this stuff when it's only 3 weeks fom SPM...but then this show airs only for what? 2 weeks? It's a worldwide selloff, and I've always wanted to watch him perform live.

So I got to KLCC with my parents at about 6:45. It was rather crowded for a regular day. It turned out that a lot of folks had turned up for the show. This premiere was a fundraising effort by AWAM to raise funds. They booked 2 full-house cinemas and I believe they made quite a lot...

It started like a movie would. Trailers, adverts and opening credits. But for RM51 per ticket, I thought this has really gotta be worth it... So in the beginning there was..........

I shall not spoil it for you okayy?? :)

It's about 12:30 am and I'm speechless once again in awe of the Kng of Pop's last concert. A final concert is always the best, because that's where everyone gives their all and the mistakes are ironed out perfectly. Unlike managers, businessmen and contractors, performers never make the last show the sloppiest. Good performers save the best for last, but give their all along the way. Good performers don't do it for the money, but for the glory.

Michael was way past these circumstances. He pushed his career over the hill and into a whole new territory. He no longer was in it for the cash it brought. He believed in nature and wanted to fight for it. He was a faithful believer. Everyone on the set of This Is It has heard him say God Bless You from him. He wanted to change the world, and by all means, he did.

Not because of a bossy attitude, neither because of his perfectionist perogative did he achieve that dream. It was though changing himself. The change he made in himself brought him the power to change the world. He started with himself. He started with the man in the mirror.

That's why folks, before you try to change the world, tak a lesson from the Jackson kid. He made it because he was willing to make a move in his own heart. Everyday we are influenced by others and what they say. We are easily inspired and discouraged by a lot of people around us. If we have the power to control what we want to change in us, and to hold on to our perogative where we want to fight for what we believe is true, how much harder would it be to change someone else?

You've probably heard of the utopian Pay-It-Forward system, which was thought up by an 11 year old in the USA. He believed that if he were to do 3 people a big favour, they should do a big favour to another 3 people and so on and on and on. Just when he thought it was a failure, pay-it-forward was already halfway around the world. He was bullied to death by schoolmates shortly after finishing his third favour. He tried to save his friend who was under extortion by standing up for him and he got stabbed in the stomach with a knife the bullies had.

A painful story eh? But still, he started with himself and changed the world, only that he didn't live to see it.

You too have probably heard Adam Khoo's concept of living for your future, and who you will be. It works for some, but then not for all. Then there's Eckhart Tolle's idea of living for today and the power of Now. He believed that we should live like we would die tomorrow, but I beg to differ from both. Why? Death is in God's hands, when it comes is out of our hands.

I believe in living for your dreams. Yes. Live for what you want to see in this world. Worried about death? Why so? Millions have died en route to their dreams coming true. In the end, they did. Dreams really do come true! Believing and faith in them that they will work brings you to a whole new stage in life where you no longer worry about what will happen if you die tomorrow. Dreams don't die with you. Dreams keep on going. Someone, someday will bear that torch you're carrying and in his dying breath, cross the finish line in pride. That's why we shouldn't fear death in the course of the dream. A life is a life and it really, really doesn't end with death.

I'm not referring to eternal life, no. I'm referring to the reasons for you to be missed. If you fought for your dream, in someone's mind, your name is engraved in stone and set there. Your journey doesn't end in death, it ends when you give up, unless someone motivated enough comes along to start pushing the envelope again.

So live for your dreams! IT'S WORTH IT!


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