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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

If You Don't Then Let Me Know

"I've nowhere to run, and life goes on as I'm fading away."
Untitled - Simple Plan

42 days on the clock.

On your mark, GET SET, GOOOO!!!

The race began long ago, but we're still taking it like a stroll in the park. In an air race, it's like we're still fooling around with the controls of the plane. It's like the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare, and I'm a very, very silly bunny.

In mid 2008, the National Geographic Channel introduced a new commercial for their powerfully shocking documentary Air Crash Investigation. The visual was a plane flying through the city at a dangerously low altitude and having debris falling from it's fuselage. The narration was: "Airliners are the safest modes of transport today, filling the air with thousands of winged transporters. But somewhere in the sky flies a single wounded bird."

It's a simple advert, but it can invoke many emotions in the hearts of the viewers especially those who have lost someone in an air accident.

Somehow, like many other things, it struck me today.

I have a great friend in my class who's very much like me, and also very much different. He and I love computers and everything digital. Of all my classmates, I would say that I was the closest to him.

But sometimes, there's something that troubles you and the people around you with a friend like that, and how do you break it to him?

Tell him lah!

Not that simple. See, it's what i'm going through right now. I'm someone who's open to complaints, that's why I perfer to take my beating face up, so I know what hits me and why it did. However, i tend to backstab others too, and it's something that i've been trying to change for the past few years. I'm succeding at it, but not there yet.

The trouble here is, how to break it to him when he thinks that he himself isn't in the wrong?

That's what i'll be journeying into tonight.

And as for all you form 3s, who are either out for a treat, relaxing or cramming at this moment, I wanna wish you all


May God light the path you take in the course of this exam and may it bring you beyond your expectations!


Another lil' advertlet

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