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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I Don't Like Your Girlfriend

It doesn't really matter who you say you are, singing out the window of your car. You'll find another girl across the bar, cause L-O-V-E's not what this was.”
Starstrukk (feat. Katy Perry) – 3OH!3

The very, very nutted pissing-off hasn't ended yet. The bloody screwdriver is still on and in full gear...

Hi. My name is Daniel Jeyachristi Anthony, and I'm 17. I live in SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. I've been in love before and I've fallen out of love before. I've had people who have cared for me that didn't love me. I've had people who loved me and didn't care for me too. It's just my life, my personality, my attitude and my sex appeal. Apparently it is zero and hasn't budged, but I believe that it's what's inside that counts. I don't want someone to love me because of the way I look. I've been rejected 8 times and counting. Though you say you care, I find it hard to believe. You're searching the world for what's at your doorstep.

Mr. W is 17 too. He's damn hot. He has the looks and the brains but he doesn't care for you. He's only there to drive you around and see that he follows you to wherever you take him. He's loaded with money and has feelings that last only a while. He has a mask on that shields him from the real world. His attitude will be the end of him.

Mr. X is 17 as well. He's got the muscle to show off and the ego of an ox. He's only about looks and if you can kick-ass. He doesn't care who you've been with. You ask him for something, he'll get it for you. He's materialistic and has not a care about spirituality. He's high on drugs and will let you have one if you are with him. He may even make you take it.

Mr. Y is another 17 year-old. He learnt a bitter lesson out of last year and has changed for the better. He knows his priorities well and has put the race aside to focus on what matters. He keeps love to a minimal these days and works hard to achieve more useful and worthwhile goals. He still hangs with girls a little in a friendly way and is careful not to cross the line though he has a couple of times, he recovers fast enough.

Mr. Z is yes, 17. He has been living his life waiting for the perfect partner. He cares about what happens to you and wants to be with you as much as he can. He loves you because he knows that you are always there for him and think of him too. He believes that one day, he'll find his soul mate. He knows that good things come to those who wait.

Mr. W, Mr. X, Mr. Y, and Mr. Z. Three of them are my classmates and one of them is an endangered species nearly declared extinct. I think you should be able to tell.

Some of you are searching for and talking about guys to each other, saying that they're hot or sexy or stuff like that. You do know that most of these guys are in the film industry and are known as “ACTORS”? It's very obvious. Hollywood marriages last barely a week these days. People blow and show off their cash to the world in a wedding and file for divorce (which again, needs cash) the next week because his car stinks or she can't cook.

The world of men has long been a sophisticated one. Most of you agree with me yet you think that you can tell a man by how he ACTS in a movie. It's not the same! A movie is a movie! It's all in TV-land where fairytales come true and happily-ever-afters happen. You're not a kid anymore. I'm not saying that you can't believe in all these things, but hey, Don't let them be your guide to life because they can't come true.

I was on Facebook Lite yesterday, and I saw something that pretty shook me. First of all, a lot of us have to admit that our Facebook accounts are illegal. As far as Facebook is concerned, I was born in 1982. I don't use Facebook much though. I tied my Twitter account to it and let it ride itself. I do check for comments once in a while and see what pictures I've been tagged in.

Facebook lets you set your marital status, and this is something that REALLY shouldn't be abused. I know people who date seriously and want to get married, but THIS is ridiculous...

>There's supposed to be a screenshot of my Facebook feed here that shows a VERY young girl updating her status to "In a relationship", but I am unable to censor her name off the page to protect her privacy therefore I cannot upload it. Sorry<

Guess what? She just turned 14 a few months back. Oh come on... you call THAT a relationship!!? Maybe as far as the English language is concerned, you're right. Facebook's marital status tells a different story. You're 14 and in a relationship. You've been through at least 10 guys in your puny lifetime. Your bloody textbooks were in my locker for a week because your whore of a boyfriend couldn't find anywhere to put them. You put on an emo look everytime you break the rules and get caught, and worst of all? You expect to be treated like a princess.

Princess treatment is only for those who DESERVE it. You don't ask for princess treatment, you EARN it. Being bimbo doesn't count.

You think she's bad? Some of my friends mark their marital status as married! Some of whom are younger than me and still in school. Arranged marriages are outdated already, and that's not an excuse. Sometimes, the marital status setting should really be removed...It can hurt others' feelings in a lot of ways too. It hurt me once here...

I'm really beginning to mess up my life because of all this. I thought putting everything else off to after SPM and focusing on the goal ahead...It shouldn't turn out to be this way. I'm slowly losing spiritual guidance. I need to pray more...

If you've managed to read this far then I would like to say a big THANK YOU to whoever you are. It shows that you care and feel for me and don't think that I'm just another overrated teenager who's seeking attention. However, if you do, I have a tagboard on the left (just take a few secs to find it) and leave me a note.

If you wanna offer a thought, some love, comfort or are offended by my machine-gun mouth, do drop me a line, +60172914344.

Love from the heart,

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Anonymous said...

What are you doing? that's no way to treat your friends. if you really think they are that bad, just Ignor them. SPM's only a month away. focus and get good grades. when you leave school, leave them and all the unforgiving moments behind. time to live life. by the way you posted this, i can tell that your quite a self-centered person. It's time to change that. belive me it will seriously change your life for the sake of the greater good.

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