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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Every Rule I Had You Breaking

"L-O-V-E's just another word I'll never learn to pronounce."
StarStrukk - 3OH!3

The first week of Trial 2 is over, and my my if I were given a chance to relive it I wouldn't know how to reject or accept it.

To start, the thin line between WRITING a report and PRESENTING a report screwed up my English paper 1. In fact, I don't think i'll get the highest in class again for it.The guy who sits on my right has knowledge pouring into his head from thin ari. He does better than me by sleeping in class, stoning and playing Wii. Must be the tuition...

Then today I was stumped for Bio. How do you test the quantity of a digested substance? I only knew the test of the presence of such substances! So I twisted and turned a presence experiment so knotty that I required a saturated animal fat in liquid form... I came home and asked mom...feeling a little too proud of myself.

Daniel: I wonder if the use of lard will be taken as an insult if I used it in SPM...knowing how sensitive the Muslim extremists are...

Mom: No lah...why'd you ask?

Daniel: I couldn't think of another saturated fat in liquid form for Bio I wrote lard. I asked Miss Ng and she said Ghee could be used...but it's solid at room temperature.

Mom: Daniel, lard too is solid at room temperature...


There goes Bio, Sejarah, Moral and English.

To make matters worse, my laptop started acting up late last night and caused a massive crash in KDE. So bad that I had to do a reformat today. Kinda slow still, but beter than nothing.

I wanted to start using ICHTHUX 6.09: Project Amazing Grace, but i realized that it was badly outdated, and the repository was badly damaged and corrupted. Ah the flaws of OpenSource missionary works...Ubuntu Christian Edition looks pretty good, but i'm more engrossed in Kubuntu Karmic Koala, due for release in 14 days.

well, new look and feel, same great spirit. The debian linux for human beings. pumped with the aesthetics for life.

That's it from me today. gotta sleep soon, study group tomorrow...or study pair.


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