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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Because He Lives

"Deep down I know that You’re here with me. I know that You can do anything."
Nothing Is Impossible - Planet Shakers

Meeting with nostalgia is something that can bring you to your knees and shoot you back to the very foundations of your past. Your memories can be embedded forever within an inanimate object.

From watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the principal and concept of a Horcrux, an object in which one may store or embed his or her soul within, is pretty much far from impossible. People can live on in objects. A "Horcrux" can be anything from a feather to a mountain.

Today our family decided to retrace our steps to my parents hometown, Ipoh. We visited the cemetery to pay respects to my grandfather and uncle, and also to geo-tag the graves so that we can find it and email the Google Earth location to our other relatives.

Mum took us out for Ipoh Char Kuay Teow. It was fantastic. The flavour was really one-of-a-kind. It wasn't rushed through, but slowly made to seal in the real essence of Ipoh food.

We took a drive to St. Mary's chapel. It was established in the mid 1970-1980 by Father Xavier Anthony CSSR. The land that once was a squatter-populated area needed a Christian place of worship, and from what used to be a wooden cross in the ground, where mass was once said in Tamil, came a little attap-roofed hut with no walls where a bigger congregation could celebrate. Today, a huge grotto of Mother Mary stands there, overlooking a concrete building that is now, St. Mary's Chapel. A small yet beautiful church.

The architecture is simple yet it makes a wonderful place of worship overlooking the limestone hills of Ipoh.

After a fantastic (and over filling) lunch at a friend's house, we took a drive to the Church of Our Mother Of Perpetual Help. This was a more fully equipped church with a community centre and all, mainly because it is the parish church of Ipoh.

Father Xavier Anthony was a priest here and he served Tamil mass. The design of the lotus-inspired tabernacle behind the alter was his design. he chuch was established God knows when, but it's still standing till today, and that's a good thing.

That actually made me think: Why do we need to even go to Rome when we already have such beautiful churches in Malaysia. It's abit of a waste of money but hey, Rome has the Pantheon, St. Peter's and the Path of Illumination.

A place of worship need not be a concrete building. An establishment is to house and gather people. One can worship God anywhere, from the simplicity of the wooden cross, to the World Youth Day Closing Mass. none of these were carried out in a building, neither were they carried out in any significantly marked out part of land that is strictly for worshipping the Lord

I just came back from a Rosary session in church organized by the Bible Knowledge class students, and I felt the need to post something like this. Today is a day i will never regret neither will I forget.

Think about it. Don't go to church because of a robotic instinct, and don't confine prayer and your service to the Lord to the four walls of the church. Think of St. Mary's, and that until today, the community runs the place. The establishment where Father Anthony once said mass over a wooden cross in the grounds of Ipoh.


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