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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Accelerando Takedown

"They got two reasons for leavin’ me flat, but I got a big one for takin’ me back"
I Quit! I Quit! I Quit! - The Click Five

That's it lah.

Imagine studying your bum off at home and going to school tomorrow to take an exam. You exit the hall feeling great and knowing that you'll obviously beat that guy who sits in class and sleeps, does nonsense and doesn't pay attention. Right?

You obviously haven't met my classmates...

I used to be the Physics kingpin. Always scoring TOP in the class. I went undefeated for 3 whole exams in 2008 until I took it a little too easy. So I learnt my lesson the hard way...I studied for the trials this year and did it again. It worked, but I couldn't hold on to the top notch.

I walked out of the hall after Physics Paper 3 today. It was a pretty straightforward paper. No catchy questions, no tricks. Just plain ol' Physics. Well, just like any other paper, there was obviously the few niggling questions you couldn't do. I just gave them my best shot, hoping my magic will work (because my angel smile doen't).

Then this guy comes up to me with the EXACT SAME diagrams from that question and tells me all about it and how he did it in tuition the night before. I was like..."no wonder!" and i just played along, but deep inside me I was going: "What the heck lah. I study for this, and he gets the questions. I'm gonna get beaten by a dude who SLEEPS in class.


It didn't end there. Physics Paper 2 was after lunch, and I took it pretty well. Knew most of it until I realized that I didn't bring a protractor. The stupid paper was bloody erratic, and I thought that the teacher made a slip while preparing the paper. Cal lent me his protractor to do that, and a big thanks for that too. However, the angles measured vs. the angles calculated were mismatched, and the graph plotted was pretty messy and gone-case. I didn't care. I did my best, God did the rest.

Exited the hall. Same thing happened. This time the book had the EXACT same errors and measurements of the paper!! At that moment all the words that you never thought i would say started pouring right out of my mouth (as you know, I only swear when I'm angry or just wanna act 'cool' to fit in where I can't find acceptance). After recovering from that I returned home to let it all beckon on me...

Another nail in my coffin, and another padlock on the door between me and Taylors...After hearing what mum said, I really wanna enroll in January. It saves me time and I get more attention. Besides, I've got a world of othe things to do and if I can successfully land my spot in Taylors it would really whip me into shape gently (unlike National Service).

Somehow today really totaled up to be a shitty day, and now my good friend is pouring his heart out to me over sms...about his girlfriend. He's my age and yes, also about to undergo SPM in a month's time. I already tweeted that you should get your head in the game and forget about all this because carrying emotional baggage into the exam hall only brings you stress. Besides, you and your stupid drugs are gonna get the better of you and your girlfriend one day, and this time I'm not gonna take any blames. I told you so. I've warned you agaist it. DO NOT HOLD ANYTHING AGAINST ME!

It's always my fault these days. I seem to be getting the blame for everything that happens around here. I'm not rejecting all of it, but neither am I accepting it. I don't know what's gotten into you, but you've really lost it.

If you wanna date that bimbo then stop complaining. She's like that and everybody likes her why? Because she's hot right? I knew it. Love has officially lost it's meaning. I say date her only if she's willing to change. Idiots will be idiots, I'm not one because I'm willing to change certain things and you're just too plain arrogant to see it. On top of that you wanna call ME arrogant.

True Love,

P.S. Don't ask me to read an unupdated blog unless you honestly want to know what I think of it. My link list isn't your graffiti spot. Don't think that i'm gonna link all of your thousand blogs that you don't update. As it is I dropped my no-linking-closed-blogs policy, don't make me implement it again. If you don't love your blog then it's your problem, because I love mine very much. I prefer to keep it that way.

That "he" just told his girlfriend that I called her a bimbo...and that i'mma get it hard from him tomorrow.  Living proof that idiots will remain as idiots. Especially this one.

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