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Monday, 7 September 2009

Waste Another Year Goes By...

"You taught me how to live"
Homecoming Part I (The Death of St. Jimmy) - Green Day

Age is just a number. Tell yourself that and you'll be freed from the boundaries of your age-limited lifestyle. It's never to early or too late to do anything. As it it said that universe is like a clock, and God is the clockmaker. Time is merely a phenomenon, but we shouldn't take it for granted.

I watched Air Force One last night, and I told myself, time is really something we should treasure, because you have so much of it, but once it's gone it's gone. No turning back.

Have you ever had a friend who was with you every moment of your life for 12 months? Everywhere you go including the toilet, outer space, your kitchen or even your school, he's there. He's not invisible, but at the same time, you can't see him. However, at the last second of those 12 months, he leaves you without saying a word, and never, ever comes back.

I had a friend just like this, and his name is 2008. Nope, i'm not mad, but it's just that you can hold on to anything in life as long as you know when to let it go. In this case, those 12 months were something I had to let go of with grief.

My dad fell off a ladder 2 days ago, and I panicked like crazy. I ran up and down the house looking for anything that I could do to help. He was admitted to hospital that night for safety precautions and was discharged yesterday with some meds and a warning to stay away from ladders.

I read Vanessa's blog that day, and my my. It's true that God can call us back into his loving hands at anytime. A few of my friends have lost loved ones quite recently to H1N1 and freak accidents, and so they may have to learn it the hard way. Time is a gift to us that's not in our hands to control, but to use wisely.

Dreams come true even after death. I say so because when you take a look at The Late Benazir Bhutto. Her dreams for a peaceful country she once ruled is now, although slowly, on it's way to reality. It really is. If Tun Dr. Mahathir doesn't live till 2020, do you think we're gonna scrap Wawasan 2020? Hell no. We're almost there (if you neglect the political shitstorm). All you need is faith, and God's grace will do the rest. I'd like to end this post with a quote from a famous comedy sequel movie, Evan Almighty. This line was said by a minor charactrer named Al. Althugh He was a small character, He was actually God representing Himself to Evan's wife when she was in times of doubt, and this is what He said.

"When you ask God for patience, does He give you patience, or does He give you a chance to be patient?"

Sleep on that tonight.


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