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Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Sweetest Dream Would Never Do

"Control your poison babe, roses have thorns they say."
Just Dance - Lady GaGa

I don't know what to say about today. It was just awesome...

Not that i'm disgusted, I'm actually speechless. The Sri Nobel Funfair this morning was a real walk down memory lane. Two years ago a food and funfair was held at the same place and was a blast! This time the organizers revived the atmosphere perfectly well. Actually, they made it even hotter with an even better DJ on the stage.

But what REALLY shot me back to the past was...

the balloon stall c=

I know that my life is really entangled up in balloon string, but there was something special about this shop. It was beyond sales, beyond my love for balloons, and even beyond a successful funfair. It was acceptance.

Back in my old school, I wrote numerous proposals for a balloon stall after I saw one in my church to raise funds for Confirmation. It was so pretty that I dreamt of operating one. My old school had occasional food and funfairs and they were pretty successful. The students came up with their own games and made the food themselves. The proposal was accepted, but there was no financing. If I wanted it, I would have to pay upfront and claim the expenses later.

Stupid huh? They don't know what they missed.

I shifted to Sri Nobel, and in my second year there there was a funfair too. I reprinted proposals and rang up the balloon companies again to update the spreadsheets but I got the same response. Somehow God put a little voice in me telling me not to give up...

I heard that Auntie Clarine was in school the next day, and I had all the proposal letters and price comparison charts in hand. So I made an appointment with her, and that was one appointment that I won't forget.

I submitted those letters and she said that she would look into it. And guess what? She found a SPONSOR for the event! 1 Helium can and about 200 balloons all for FREE! They sold like hot cakes and we were SOLD OUT by noon!

All in all we used 3 tanks of helium and pushed nearly 500 balloons that one day alone. I never forgot the people I worked with at the stall, through all the jokes, laughter and scolding.

And today, the same people remembered me too. I went up to them and said hi, and just to give them some better business (and to satisfy my inner child who is jumping up and down wanting a balloon), I bought 2 balloons. DOUBLE of what I bought 2 years back.

Then I went into the hall to wish EDWARD SHAM a happy birthday. I dedicated a great song to him (Music In Me - Sasi The Don feat. Dr. Alban). Kian Hoong witnessed the "celebration" and helped me to cue the DJ.

At last, when the clock struck 2, the mighty Scott Thomas turned up, and I dragged him onto the stage to karaoke Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by AeroSmith. Voice split halfway, but we continued. He's so gonna kill me on Monday.

We were not the only ones who owned the stage. Many cute lil kids also took the mics and sang songs like Love Story and Just Dance. A truly talented bunch of girls were up there singing song after song.

The two of them were so CUTE I tell you...and the DJ should really be honoured to host these two talented kids.

So I came home at 3 with my balloons and looked at them and told myself: NO CAMWHORING. The last time I took pics with balloons it was a disaster.

So I removed myself form the picture.

Two really pretty colours, and exactly the same design as before. As it was 2 years ago. In fact, I still have the balloon from 2 years ago in a preservation bottle in my cupboard.

I extended the strings and made them taller so they won't fight lol. The upwards pull of a helium balloon can't be replaced by anything. It's a really sweet feeling you get when you tug on the strings. I saw a little girl who had it tied to her hair. It gives you the feeling as if an angel is hovering above you c=.

My room wall paintings really suit balloons. My bed is up in the sky and my table is under a tree. I've had these pantings ever since my dad prepared this room for me before I was even born, and I swear, even though I have scribbled on the wall alot in my childhood, that I will never repaint this room. Ever.

I gotta study now. Cheers to Aunty Clarine and the oranizers and everyone who made this funfair possible.


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