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Monday, 28 September 2009

Sweet Dreams

"Vibes they come, vibes they go and I dance with the flow"
This Is Love! - The Love Dictators

Time really flies...

I've put down my books for 2 weeks and boom! It's officially back to school today. =(

I can't believe September is ending. My childhood is endng....way too fast! A moment ago I was pondering about going for the funfair and now woosh! It's over! =(

Okay. Enough with the sad smileys. I'm here to make someone smile.

She's just had to let go of her precious childhood, but she's clinging on to her inner child as if she can't live without it. I'm not insulting her, i'm just kinda envious c=.


*as usual, no pic because I have been barred from JYM due to SPM*

My darling pet sister is an adult now! All grown up and ready to face the world as she is, and not as someone she's not.

It's a real pity that classes have to start just on your special day. But you're not gonna let that spoil your special day are you? I wouldn't.

I hope you'll use your birthday present wisely and that it'll put big smiles on your face, joyful songs in your heart and make you feel younger again!

Love and hugs and kisses,

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