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Friday, 11 September 2009

Shut Up And Drive

"And this paltinum thing right here, we're doing it all the time. So you better get some better beats and some better rhymes."
Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) - Limp Bizkit

As you know this blog is awaiting a new URL...and the ideas just keep coming in :).

The internet has become like a real-estate market. Even URLs and domains are being bought and leased out. Come on! We don't even live there! All some of us want is a meaningful place to put our blogs to share with the world.

Kath told me about, and it's a really nice and good blog. The name's catchy for someone like her and her character but not for me. I believe that I'm a deep thinker and that I need something a little...philosophical. Haha.

So I thought of, because of my motto and view of life as gift from God to us. So I tried to register, but lookee what crap I got back.

Thank you for your interest in the domain name

Thank you for your interest in one of our Exclusive Premier Domain Listings. The owner of this domain is accepting offers because of the wide variety of uses for this domain. We recommend that you research the value of domains and seriously consider your offer before completing this form. Because of the volume of offers received, only offers of $1,000 or more will be considered for this Premier Domain Name.
Oh go to hell! The domain was there since the birth of the Internet! If you think of it as some fancy "Premier Domain", why hasn't anyone bought it off your greedy hands yet!? A simple blog wants to use it to show the world what someone thinks about life and to share and spread God's love through blogging and all you can do is book it up as a stupid "Premier Domain". Idiot.
Ok, so I let go of that and went for, but kinda lost interest in it. It wasn't appealing enough. So I thought, what about It's cute and it's a great approach to the Journey of Life.
But it was bought by this stoopid company Also hell bent on bloody GREED...
Name Administration Inc. BVI (NAmedia) is an online media network that operates thousands of generic domain names for paid search and development purposes. You may not have heard of NAmedia before, but you have probably visited one of our websites. Our master catalog of properties includes a significant percentage of the Web's most commercial, memorable and highly trafficked generic website names.

Websites such as, or don't have the instant recognizability of a large destination site such as Yahoo or Google, but collectively, our network of generic, memorable websites is so wide and compelling that it will be searched by nearly every person on the Internet at least once in the next year.
Okay. and I went to find the price. Guess what?

NAmedia is not in the business of selling domain names. It is not our intention to "hold out for your best offer". Replying to your email and the many we receive like it each day, costs us time that could be better spent growing our media business. We receive many emails with a similar subject and do not have the infrastructure to physically reply to all of them. If you have an inquiry regarding purchasing web-traffic within one of our verticals, or across our network please send a detailed inquiry via our Contact page

Can you believe this crap!? Look at the bolded text. It just reflects the greed of these corporations and how money-minded they are. Your media business can be bloody automated! All you do is land your stupid parked sites at the good domains where some people with a message to send and want it badly.

Next up...the good sites that people forget. and are the cutest URLS someone with a big heart would want, but hey, they're parked by the oh-so-monopolizing And guess what?

STATUS: Inactive, Transfer NOT ALLOWED
EXPIRY: 30 March 2010

I'm not gonna wait till then. I mean, my own name!!? Someone owns a site with my own bloody name! Can you, whoever you are, who owns this site PLEASE do something FRUITFUL with it instead of letting it ROT!? is a corporate site. Finally, one that's been put to good use.

The scores from the poll have tilted towards and is beginning to settle in my heart. The poll is still open though. It's in the post before this right below, the one called "A New Broadcast". Better hurry if you wanna poll. It closes Monday 14th September 2009.


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