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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Music That Isn't

"I've travelled the world and the seven seas, everybody is looking for something"
Sweet Dreams - Swing feat. Dr. Alban

As I was in the car coming back from school Joel switched the radio station. I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas was playing. I somehow had a flashback to the days when I was still doing Music Theory.

My teacher was a very technical person and he always boiled down music to it's fundamentals. He was responsible for opening my eyes in the world of music, but also kinda responsible for narrowing the road I took. I still thank God for his classes though. It made me change the aim of my career from Music to Artistry (Communication).

I used to aspire to become a musician because I love music, but now that I've zoomed out of the industry I've decided to further in the artistic sector because my creativity came in more ways than one, and wasting it on technical knowledge in Univesity would be an absolute waste of time and money.

My theory teacher was pretty extremist. He believed that modern day techno, rap and all shouldn't be considered music, and that creativity comes after talent.

I begged to differ from that statement. I gave a talk on music and the manipulation of it's elements as my Public Speaking topic in Sri Nobel for both my SPM English and also the Oratorical Week Public Speaking competition. It won first place c=.

I'm not trying to brag, but I believe that one who is less fortunate may have ultimate creativity whereas some may be brought up to learn piano and theory just as a discipline and not knowing what on earth to do with it. I thought that it was rather inconsiderate to make that judgement about technicality and creativity, but then again, who am I to judge?

So what if you don't consider the Black Eyed Peas as music? It's entertaining and it's enjoyable. Well, maybe not for you but for us teenagers, yes. The Peas themselves are a symbol of unity. No where else will yo find a Red Indian, African, Brit and Filipino working together so well. Music is for the ears of the world, and not just for the professionals. That's why i'm all against Fine Art. I believe that Fine Art is a highly commercialized and aesthetic approach to art. It makes it lose it's meaning. Who needs a 2 million dollar piano when a keyboard can produce music as well? Nutjobs blow big cash on fine tuned handmade instruments just for that little bit of precision. Nobody needs it. Not even the performer. I would spend less than one eighth of 2 million on a Kawaii Upright that sounds like a Steinway & Sons Grand. I'm not a major precision pianist, but I know that the Steinway & Sons will NEVER fail the pianist who plays her.

Truthfully speaking, I perform for the masses, and for the victory of God. I don't give two hoots about the professional's fine-tuned ears or the gold-plated tuning forks that he may have.

With that, the next time you perform, do it for the enjoyment of all five parties involved: Composer, Performer, Audience, Crew and most of all, GOD.


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Love this post! It made me think immediately of Danny, who sent us a great story. He tells of how he had a high paying job but was just not feeling fulfilled. He decided to quit and pursue his true passion: music. And now he couldn't be happier.

Check out his story at the link below and then if you like it give him a vote. You might just get his video featured in a national Mutual of Omaha TV campaign.

Hope you like the video. m/vote/danny

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