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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Me And You And A Dog Named Boo -Part II- The Inner Truth

"What'chu talkin' about Willis!? It gets old!"
It Sucks To Be Me - Avenue Q Original Broadway Cast

It was really funny how the Chinese big boss in The Hangover used that line from Avenue Q. Made me laugh so hard when I heard it.

School was a bore today. It's just 2 short days we will re-enter the holiday mood for the weekend. Kicking off with the Trinity Baptist Church Fundraising Funfair this Saturday in Sri Nobel. Can't wait!!

If you've been following me on twitter (@stpinkie), after that midnight water balloon fight in Brandon's place I returned with stupid rashes all over my skin and is was itchy like nobody's business, but somehow the very next morning it was fine.

Met Calvin Chew in school today. The news about Casper had spread. It's actually deeper than I expected it to be. Apparently, he died a slow and painful death. The poor litle puppy was trying so hard and helplessly to get himself up again. It's sad but true.

To make matters worse, the guy who rammed him over exited his Chevrolet and shouted "So what!!?" when Chin (the jogger) shouted at him. The guy really felt no remorse and no regret. The worst part is that he apologized with a "Sorry ah, so sorry." chaplang attitude. COME ON. You just killed an animal! You just took the soul of a piece of God's wonderful creation! Don't you feel it already? Where's that heart that is supposed to be inside you? Seems to me as if you locked it up in the cabinet behind your bookshelf.

Casper meant quite abit to me, and I wouldn't think that a dog cooped up in the porch of a house all day long would be much, but I was way wrong. Casper was a peacemaker. There was tension between alot of the dogs in the neighbourhood, maybe because of looks or food or something, but Casper didn't mind. Everyone was equal to him and he loved to make new friends. Even with cats lol c=. It's really cute when he approaches cats.

The innocence and the naivity all adds up to how God shows us how fun life can really be. Little things, like even the butterflies in the park show us what life is all about, and how we should live it to the fullest because if we don't , we'll still be furry little caterpillars wriggling around waiting for something to happen. When you wanna live your life to the max, don't wait for something to happen, MAKE IT HAPPEN.


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