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Friday, 4 September 2009

The Intermission

"I used to walk around with a stick in my hand"
SOS - Dr. Bombay

The final bell of the day sent us dashing out of our claustrophobia-inducing classroom. Well, we didn't really wait for the bell. We were already half way out of the school.

It's pretty much hell on earth when you have people who are out there who can't take noise. If you can't take noise. Here's what you gotta do. Go pull every cent out of your bank account, buy a small room and pad the wall with mattresses and stay there and ROT.

Noise is all around us, and if you can't take it, well, sorry! We noisy people WILL NOT shut up and tolerate you all. God gave us a mouth and an attitude for a reason, so don't come rapping on people's door telling them to shut up. We have every right to speak. NO ONE has a right to silence. Not even me. Even if it's at 3am, it's just not right to take away someone's right to sound just for your own comfort. It's extremely selfish and arrogant of you people.

And as for you music critics, every song, whether it's by Tchaikovsky, Elvis Presley or even Katy Perry has it's value. Learn to appreciate. I've given up asking my brother to switch the radio stations when Katy's songs are being played. Why? Because it has been composed, and it's a piece of music. It deserves some acknowledgement.

So if you call ANY song noise, regardless if it's discriminatory, ruckus or satanic, WATCH YOUR MOUTH. Don't even think about turning it off. It's being played because someone is giving it value for what it's worth. RESPECT THAT if you don't respect the song, because it's a human who's appreciating it.

Ok. just played pet society to calm me down. So cute c=

And now, living with a drug ridden guy who's got it prescribed. There's nothing I can do to stop him, but he just had to take one today. To all readers, lay off the pill called INSTANT ASSOLE, or more commonly known as Concerta. Stupid drug, makes you a real bastard. Can't take noise and will make you attack anyone who disrupts your attention. For Christ's sake, people have a right to live! Just because you're on drugs doesn't mean you become the Orde Cosmos or big boss. In fact, it makes you look really retarded and susceptible to revenge during post-drug consciousness.

So folks, learn to live with noise. It's all around us. If you still can't or don't want to I believe there's a knife in your kitchen for cutting vege. Use it.


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