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Friday, 25 September 2009

The Doc And The Don

"The music in this song is rockin' every motherland"
Music In Me - Sasi The Don feat. Dr. Alban

I've long been a huge fan of Dr. Alban. The Nigerian-born DJ who went to Sweden with hopes of becoming a dentist.

Alban Nwapa studied Dentistry in Sweden. In the meantime he would compose music and DJ at a club called "Alphabet Street" for to fund his education. Eventually he graduated, but his life as a DJ didn't end. His 1992 top his "It's My Life" and "Sing Hallelujah!" took him nto the top charts. He is, however, yet to reach number 1.

And today, he is still active as a DJ. I do wonder if he does dentistry on the side...If he does I want an appointment with him. I'm sure he won't mind. I brush my teeth 5 times a day c=.

On the other side of the world, in my motherland Malaysia, hails an engineer...

An what? The world has too many engineers...

He studied with my chem teacher in university. My chem teacher did Chemistry obviously, and he did engineering. He too became a musician. Somewhat like Dr. Alban, instead he's into reggae whereas the Doc is in to Eurodance.

It's just God's grace that shows how people can have so much inside them if they only let it out. People have music in their souls and some express it better than others and that's a talent only God can give.

So who's this engineer...well, he's none other than the Tamillion reggae wizard himself,

That is Sasi The Don - Another amazing piece of musical talent from Bolehland.

So what if these two folks got togethr to do something really big? It would be awesome and powerful, a testament of God's gifts to us.

And they did get together. Actually the Doc dodn't move much. Sasi had to fly all the way to Sweden to get it done. And it was real good. The title even reflects in the talent each and every one of us have in our hearts.

An amazing song. Go look for it! I YouTubed it that day and heard it and it was awesome. Go hear it yourself. Sasi The Don feat. Dr. Alban - Music In Me.


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