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Friday, 18 September 2009

Me And You And A Dog Named Boo -Part I- Man's Best Friend

"As soon as you've reached the Better Place, still I'd give the world to see your face"
Bye Bye - Mariah Carey

Just dreaming about getting my drivers license already makes me envious of those who have one, but when you have a first-hand experience of what a car can do when the steering is in the wrong hands, everything changes.

I, for one, have noticed it happen, but passed by too quickly to see it properly. Sometimes, however, you don't need to be the one who saw it for it to strike you. At that point of time, you probably wish that you were there to take the hit.

For it was someone who was dearly and deeply loved on the receiving end of the tragedy. God is great. He didn't want his best friend to watch the devastation, for it would have been too gruesome and anger inducing that it would do no more than dig the wound deeper.

I am talking about Man's best friend, and in this case, a Shih Tzu. But not just any man's best friend. Not the average man who lives a life, but a great friend who has walked beside me in my Journey of Life, Calvin Chew.

His beloved puppy of 2, a wonderful and bubbly friend who would be there all the time to brighten up your day. A bundle of happiness who is willing to give you all the love you need when you need it most.

Dear Casper

Laid upon his final resting place with sorrow and grief by his owner on 15th September 2009. The eulogy reads;

form 3 and 4
I had many enemies
why, the whole class would alienate me.
I only had 2 or 3 people who got the same treatment
who came to be my friends.
and these idiots
who keep coming after us
stared at my family's car before
shouted at my parents before
I vowed

shall anything happen to my family
because of them
or anyone else
I'd get them
you won't be seeing Calvin Chew at that moment.
I've carried that vow till today

he's a member of my family.
he didn't die.
he got ****ing killed!
by an asshole

who drove so bloody fast
there's a roundabout
before my house
ask Scott
he knows.
there weren't any lights that night on the street
Casper stays outside in the porch
people were playing fireworks
they had a function sorta thing
he hates fireworks.
gets very scared.
who ever knew

Casper was able to slip out of the house by a narrow gap beside our gate?

it was tuesday.
I was at tuition.
7.15 p.m. was the last time I saw him.
and I left.
when I came back
when I finished my class
I came out

my dad shouted
for me to quickly get in, Casper's been hit by a car!
I got in
that instant
his phone rang
I answered
my mum was hysterical
and so was my sis in the background.
she said
Casper's left us.
and the line dropped dead
throughout the rest of the ride home
my dad went super hysterical
I had never seen him cry so much
and scream
it was as if he was possessed

a jogger
who comes round our place every night
witnessed the whole thing
that bastard murderer
drove so quickly
usually at a roundabout
you go clockwise
and take a 3 o' clock
my house is a 3 o clock turn.
this asshole just made an illegal turn straight to the right
but its no ****ing excuse that there weren't any lights!
it still takes you quite a bit to reach where Casper was standing

the jogger, Chin explained...
the jogger, Chin explained...

he said
Casper was on the roadside
and he called for him to come
he was slowly going to Chin
and other cars even stopped for him!
and let him pass first!
and the moment he tried to catch him

that murderer had to come along
he was just a metre away
the guy got out of the car
Chin was furious.
He was shouting
YOU ****ER!
that guy...
he still made as if
he said
what the hell did I do wrong?
there were no lights
that's no ****ing excuse!
don't tell me he couldn't see Chin?
don't tell me a car doesn't have lights?

he totaled his father's car before.
last year
and he's still allowed to drive!

I have to keep my vow.
this bastard.
he KILLED my little boy.

in the morning
or evening
I seem fine
but when it approaches night
and darkness falls
I begin to..

my dad, mum and sis....all going hysterical..
it still haunts me..

that guy.
he came to the house
with such a smug expression
"sorry ah, so sorry."
and walked off.
if I'd known the truth that time

I can't believe so.

Well, Malaysian attitude and driving and a fear of fireworks really proved fatal. If you all think that Ligyrophobia was just a ridiculous excuse for being a pussy, think again. It just claimed a life.

And if you think it's just a dog, just stop to think about what it would be like if it was YOURS. People can be attached to other things and even inanimate objects as if they were part and parcel of their family, and if you don't feel it, you never will because it's something that takes a first hand experience to know what it feels like.

For some reason, maybe it was the naivety, the playfulness, the fun loving attitude or the fear of sudden loud noises that made me see myself in that puppy. I can say that I loved him too, even though I met him twice. I couldn't believe that this happened the moment I heard it. Calvin didn't want to talk until late today. When he was down this bad, I knew something wasn't right.

For every soul that has gone to a better place, I shall place a verse from God's word here for anyone who would like to pray that Casper will be safe in Heaven smiling upon us.

PSALMS 145:10-11
Creation and creatures applaud you, God, your holy people bless you. They will tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your might,

God be with you Casper. Gonna miss you lots.


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