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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tears In Heaven

"I don't care what they say about me, it's all right"
All Day - Hillsong United

I just got back from Tesco a while ago, and I'm as tired as hell. Plus my revision schedule is beckoning on me like nobody's business.

it's less than a week away from the Inter-Private School National Choir Competition Finals, and the choir isn't that much ready yet, but i have to really respect the faith Miss Li Ly has in the choir. They're not amazing, but they're not bad either.

As conductor of this runaway train, I have to say that we've made great progress over the scarce pactice we've had within the last few weeks. I don't think you all practice when you go home, but you all sound like you sure do.

The JPS supposed to come ond observe us as we prepare to represent the state and take on the nation. Well, they've made 3 appointments and have missed ALL of them.

However, we did have a really great practice. I just would like to reach out to 4 folks who were kinda hurt by the irresponsibility of our education ministry. My apologies to Karyn Teck, Esther Tan, Maxine Lim and Jamie Foo. I know you made your sacrifices for the rehearsal, and that we wasted lots of time loitering instead of practicing. We still did well, and I promise i won't be so hard on you guys anymore. I didn't expect you to be so delicate, but I guess what goes around will eventuall come around. Now I'll just have to wait and see how the Karma Police will balance it out.


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