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Monday, 31 August 2009

May The Anthem Roar

"No matter where I roam, this is Home Sweet Home."
Here In My Home - MA4U (Malaysian Artists For Unity)

I've been living in Malaysia all my life, and I am able to say that this nation isn't perfect, but then again, is my home. That's right. Even though i'm pissed off with how the internal politics and people in power are abusing the land their forefathers left for them, I still love my country.

Many reasons have I for loving my country. First being the racial unity. Even though we are treated like shit by some of our brothers among us and given bad signs and insults, we have to ask ourselves: Which race in this world has never suffered from prejudice before? Everyone suffers prejudice. The Chinese are so caught up with gangsterism and trying to be like their homemates in Hong Kong and Taiwan that we look at them as ruffians and hoolians. The Indians are looked upon as immigrants and low-pay workers who can't seem to earn enough from Bangla, Punjab, Pakistan and India that they end up here. The Indonesians and Filipinos seem to be colinear with house maids working for a trip home, and of course, the Malays sometimes think too highly of themselves that they end up being looked upon as proud selfless bastards. See? I'm not trying to be racist, but I think that if we all just put our differences aside we will one day, surely, be colour blind.

It's past midnight (when I wrote this), so I'll put it up here for the world to read.


Wishing you the best of luck in achieving the rank of First-World Country. That there shall be no more poverty, racism, political friction and fear in the republic of the nation.

Happy Merdeka

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