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Sunday, 16 August 2009

I Gotta Feeling

"Pink cards and flowers on your window."
Shadow Of The Day - Linkin Park

It's another day in my life, and it's another day being single... Haix. It's really dooming on me because my life in school is gonna come to an END and i haven't even had a proper DATE with anyone.

Well, just my sucky life.

Yesterday was AWESOME. We ROCKED Putrajaya, just as expected on my twitter, the crowd loved us, and we didn't get "mangkuk-ed" this time over. They even cheered or us!

We didn't win though, but we're still defending Selangor for next year, and this choir ranks 7 in the Nation. lol

I think we did really well, and to the choir, you guys were awesome! We'll be back next year, and hopefully i can walk this journey with you all!


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