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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Heaven Is A Place On Earth

"I got under the grip between this modern hell"
Christian's Inferno - Green Day


I went Google Blogsearching for the term "Sri Nobel" and my oh my...the blogs have spoken.

So...lots of you hate the school huh? I guessed so. Well, just an info, SCHOOL SUCKS in general. No buts about that, and to make matters worse, all private schools have their ultimate drawbacks.

But I made a resolution upon saying goodbye to the greatest year of my life, 2008, and it was to find and dig and locate that silver lining in the clouds of my life, and that's what i'm gonna do. When life gives you lemons, make LEMONADE.

Truly enough I came form one of the most religously biased and corrupted schools in the Klang Valley, Sek. Menengah Seri Cahaya. The moment I stepped into Sri Nobel, the feeling I had was like I just found a refugee camp with open doors in the middle of a war-torn battlefield. It was very welcoming.

And looking at the scene in Nobel. Chinese gangsters getting involoved in theft, bash-ups happening over small things, people having their hearts broken because of one-night-stands, gamg crimes, police cases, sex, gambling, drugs, alcohol the list goes on and on and on. The very fact that there are people who are not willing to changeis already enough to set a school on the wrong path.

But then again, there are people like that EVERYWHERE we go.

My old school was anything but good. As like any private school, there are awesome teachers, and assole teachers. It was when I was studying there the fire of my racial stereotype and hatred towards Malays was ignited and showered with gasoline. Some teachers who held a little too much power upheld the "Islam as a Superior Religon" thingy, and as a Catholic with very delicate faith at that time, fell into the trap that people set by telling me that "Allah is the father of your God, Jesus. Why we can't eat pork is because he wants us to excercise self-control. He gave His children free will......"

But now, strengthened by the Holy Spirit, and within the refuge of Sri Nobel, I'm proud to reply: "Go and check your dictionary. Allah, Tuhan, and God ALL HAVE THE SAME MEANING!" It just goes to show how stupid people can get when they use religon to reflect the infallability of their power or rank.

We all look upon Sri Nobel as a corrupted good-for-nothing instituition right? It's about time we changed that. Yes, we blog about it. Why? Because we have a right to. We have a right to voice our opinion. The internet is the media to do so. I believe in that. If someone offends you, the most you should do is ask him/her to apologize and take it down. I heard a student from Assunta was expelled because of this. What are you trying to do? Strike fear into the hearts of the younger generation?

Petaling Jaya's 3rd Anniversary of becoming a city was celebrated by encouraging the public to blog about it and to voice out what we're unsatisfied with through our blogs. That's our right as people. We should be proud to have honest people who voice out their opinions rather than shutting them up and having them punished for trashy offences like sedition, blasphemy, and the best of all, threat to national security.

Back to the main point of this post.

Nobellians, coming from someone like me, this may not be very influential, but hey. Just pause and think. You'd rather be somewhere else now right? But what if that place didn't exist? What if it's actually worse than here? Weigh the options. This country isn't all that fantastic, but it's certainly got quite abit to be proud of. In the same way, be thankful for being in Nobel. It may seem like a gang-controlled, fear gripped and screwn up school, and I'm still suspicious about where all our school fees are going, but there's one thing to be proud of, and that is simply because it's there. Think of it. What if you were in someplace worse. And if you think you belong someplace else, why aren't you there? Destiny awaits us, and sometimes we're placed in this situation. Who knows? Maybe God put me here so that I may learn self-control, and grow up closer to him. Somewhere that instead of boasting the superiority of one religon, accpepts and welcomes others with an open heart.

And to close this post, I finally summed up the courage and the pride to say that




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