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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Hard Candy

"When I kissed you, girl, I knew how sweet a kiss could be"
Sugar, Sugar - The Archies
It's Saturday. Whee!
Had a BM seminar in the morning at Life College. I like the Diploma they're offering there, but my mom doesn't agree as much. They're new. That's why.

Came home and marinated some meat for Teppanyaki. Yes. I'm pushing the induction cooker mom and dad bought to it's limits. The Ikea hot plate is heavy! Made of cast iron too. Can't use soap to wash, can't soak and can't scrub either...but you think I care? lol

The Teppanyaki went pretty well, and with the exception of the exotic food, my family quite liked my cooking. I just had all the exotics to myself. c= Yay!

The only time you can actually approach me when i'm cooking is when i'm using the induction, otherwise real shit happens. Wanna know more? Talk to Augustine. He'll tell you. Just to warn, when I cook, the fire is not just under the pan.
I ran out of Hershey's Goodnight Hugs, and so I really really was in need of one, I derived my own formula for a little goodnight love. Next time you're craving for a hug, just try this.
Sweetheart Cuddles
1tbsp milo or cocoa drink powder
1tsp molasses
1tsp sugar
1-2tbsp condensed milk
hot water
1. Add the milo, sugar and molasses in a glass and add hot water to fill half the glass.
2. Stir in the condensed milk to your heart's content c=.
3. Fill the rest of the cup with milk
4. Kiss your spoon and stir gently.
5. Enjoy!

Ok fine. Kissing the spoon isn't necessary, but it helps no? And if you don't have molasses, use brown sugar. It's still as sweet.

Love and cuddles!

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