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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Living Out Ur Destiny

“Mother mother, tell your children that their time has just begun.”
Keep The Faith – Bon Jovi

"Drive one-hundred metres then turn right and arrive at destination."

My Garmin GPS led my dad to our destination, the Dream Centre with it's turn-by-turn voice guided navigation. Ever paused to think of what it would be like if we had a GPS that would guide our voyage down the journey of life? Think about that as you read this post. You'll realize that you do have one, and you don't even need to configure it.

I wondered before entering the church lobby whether anyone from my cell group would remember me. It's hard to forget my face, but it's very...let's say...“preferable” to forget my character. Scotty told me that. And it really got to my head (read my last post. You'll understand).

As I entered the lobby, the huge poster that read LOUD '09 was staring at me right in the face, and I told myself. This is where I want to be. I was supposed to have a kinda reunion with a bunch of old friends, but I decided to choose God. As it is, I missed LOUD '08 due to other commitments to my church.

With just a glance at the lobby, how crowded it was, and the lively jovial atmosphere perpetually generated by the crowd, I whispered to my friend Kath that this beats our church FLAT. We could never do anything like this.

Those were my thoughts for quite a while, but not the whole night. We all were inflating our cheering sticks outside the hall and making such a noise that even the folks at Glad Tidings probably heard us. Upon entering the lively hall, the screen was displaying the 15-minute countdown to the biggest and most happening concert of the year.

I can't count the amount of times I've heard the phrase “What you hear/see/do next will change your life.” Most of it was just a bunch of hot air. It happened and my life still remained the way it was. Nothing new, nothing more, nothing less. However, tonight really did change my life. For the better.
The concert kicked off with a bang. A sensational performance by the different groups from the XYZ set the fire going and it spread like a drop of ink in a glass of water. Before long the crowd was extra hyped up and ready for anything. The groups had really creative names conjured up. Take the stomp crew for example - The Junkyard Raiders. I especially loved the band's name – Project Gsus.

In the midst of it all I cast my mind back to LOUD '07. Where I sat almost alone at the back, partially because I didn't know many of the folks there, and those I knew were abit too unfriendly to mingle with. I still felt the full force of the concert and I didn't think anything could be more amazing than that. I blogged about it immediately after it (Click here to read it). Well. The XYZ has proven me very wrong.

I glanced up and saw the two balloon drop bags suspended from the ceiling, and I thought that it would be really pretty to have a balloon drop at the very end. With half my mind still stuck in LOUD '07, I remembered that's just one of the few chapters in my life where I embraced a love for balloons to overcome my balloon-phobia. It worked pretty well if you remember this post --> (Click here to read). Just at that moment, the presenter on the stage mentioned “Fear is the opposite of Faith.” I disagreed at first, but then sitting here now and typing this post, I began to realize that “Hey, he's right. Without faith there would only be fear” With that the thoughts that things that were impossible (like what I said about my church doing something like LOUD) just vanished. I flipped open the little issue of the Gospel of Matthew that they distributed to us during the praying over and I saw a verse that shot me back to the time of my First Holy Communion. It was:

“If you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could move mountains with your command. You could do anything.” (Matthew 17:20)

If you follow this blog you'll realize that my life is really entangled with balloons, partially because I grew up with a very, very strong fear of them popping, and partially because I developed a love for them. The fear of balloons is unique. Example: If you're afraid of scorpions and I kill one by smashing it, you would be relieved. If you were scared of snakes and I cut one in half, you would be very relieved (and probably thankful too), but if you were afraid of balloons and I was to pop one in front of you, I think you'll either cry or beat the living daylight out of me.

Back to the concert.

Remember Scotty? The one who made the remark about how easy it is to remember me? He's an atheist. He believes that God doesn't exist. But he still came, and we were glad for that. Kath and I walked with him and took him all the way up to the front to receive the prayer. I didn't expect God to touch my heart as He already had many times, but He still did, and in a soft voice, told me “Thank you for bringing My son back to Me.” With that my heart just opened up to receive the blessings.

I had another flashback to sometime earlier this year – To the day of my Confirmation. The theme was Acts 1:8, which read “You shall receive the power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you shall be My witnesses.” And once again God filled me with the power to overcome my next fear. The fear that most 17-year-olds encounter, SPM.

The Finale was awesome. A great song (Coldplay's Viva La Vida) rocked the hall and brought the crowd once again to an all-time high. Thus concluding the concert with a smile on everyone's faces and a song in their hearts.

It didn't really end with a bang, in fact, it went off with banging that went on for nearly 20 minutes. Yes – the sounds of beautiful, poor balloons popping. What to do? I really cannot understand the pleasure people get from popping balloons, and I don't think I ever will. Besides, people from my whole row were complaining about the ringing in their ears.

I now sit here contemplating how LOUD '10 is gonna be. Rock on XYZ! Change the world!

Lots of Faith and Love,

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