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Sunday, 19 July 2009

A Love Game

"I've got someonme waiting for me, and when I see her I know that she'll say: 'Hey hey hey, what a beautiful day!'"
Beautiful Sunday - Daniel Boone

Somehow today, being single beckoned on me, and i finally felt what it was like to have been played and have been treated like an object that people can just throw around.

LOUD 09' is a week away, and I don't have a date :(. Somehow I feel as if i have blown a chance because I couldn't help it. That's one of the things that I hate about life. When you know you'll make a mistake doing something and you still go ahead and do it. Somehow the drive to prove someone wrong most of the time lands us in shit. Agreed?

I've said many prayers, made wishes upon stars and had dreams that i'm not worthy of dreaming. I somehow have an outrageous need for a little something, which is too much to ask for. They say with it, one can understand you, one can be wealthy, and one can live in happiness. It's the be loved. Not with just any love. We love each other with Agape, our families with storge, and for the married, eros. But somehow, people need to have someone to be there for them. Someone who can feel with them. Someone who instead of telling you not to cry, would come and dry your tears. Someone who instead of waiting for you to call, would call you. Someone who instead of saying I love you, would'nt mind a cuddle and a kiss. Someone who would find a way to be with you rather than find excuses. SOMEONE WHO CARES BOUT YOU AND WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU.

Who is she? Does she exist? I really wonder. The questions are bothering me again. And there is still the ultimate one which makes me feel unloved: What If Your Gender Didn't Have A Name?™

Well, I have once said:

"Chances taken, chances given and some chances wasted too, and if I could go back in time I'll make more mistakes than you!"
(from Farewell Honeymoon Year!, written December 31st 2008 by Daniel Anthony)


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