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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Warwick Avenue

“If I lose everything in the fire, I’m sending all my love to you”
Last Night On Earth - Green Day

It seems that at some point of time every year, the Boulevard of Broken Hearts gets filled with people. People who have been played, used, loved, rejected, disconnected, screwed and thrown aside.

This boulevard, of course, is entirely fictional, but the people are real, and are filled with real depression, real sadness, real brokenness, and real emotion. It’s sad to see these people - people who were in successful relationships, people who one should be considered lucky to be with, people who are left with nothing but a tiny thread of faith. Why do they suffer. Worse part is, why is it that only one half of the relationship end up there? You seldom see 2 people enter the boulevard together. And sometimes, when one tries too hard, their destiny awaits them there, in the cold dark sidewalks of the avenue.

So to all of you out there,  whether you’re in a relation ship or not, just treasure it, and be grateful that s/he accepts you for who you are, and not for who you’re trying to be. If someone accepts you for who you’re trying to be then that’s not true love. To be loved you have to be yourself, and if EVERYONE in the world turns their back upon you, just know that you have GOD who loves you no matter what. And He loves you with a love so strong that even all the hatred on the world could not overpower it.

And so, there are some lessons to be learnt:

    1. Don’t play anyone.
    2. Don’t use someone to get something for yourself, unless s/he lets you do so.
    3. Don’t fall for love at first sight, unless you can see through people.
    4. Love with your heart, not your eyes, not your mind, and for the guys, NOT YOUR BALLS.
    5. Keep nothing inside. Voice everything out as and when it happens, not after it builds up inside you and you explode.
    6. If s/he’s not the one, s/he’s not the one!
    7. No point going nostalgic over past relationships when around friends. it only brings back bitter memories.
    8. Remember both of you have a heart EACH and it has feelings. Respect them.
    9. Take “no” for an answer.
    10. Live, Love, Laugh. Keep it that way.

I wrote this 3 days ago, before i went for the 1st VERVE camp by SIB and Sri Nobel, and i’ll blog about that after i get back from Koh Samui, Thailand for a little summertime fun, where i’ll be, 4 and a half hours from now.


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