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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Through The Fire, Through The Rain

"Till we find our place on the path unwinding"
Circle Of Life - Elton John

Hi. Being real contradictory to my last post, which was posted less than 12 hours ago. I'm virtually unstoppable when it comes to blogging, unless it's offensive.
Kenny Sia spoke about that today here at the PJ Challenge 2009 Bloggers' "K"arnival. Yes, i'm here at Jaya33 doing live blogging. If you notice, I never remove offensive posts. I just censor them. If you notice that in my past posts, there are little lines that says.

And it has happened to many bloggers out there. Many of us have suffered from really discrminative posts. Some even had pictures ripped off Facebook and Friendster and photoshopped into nasty stuff. Kenny elaborated that if it was to happen to you, the best thing to do is to defend yourself within a limit. Just keep it down and don't get overprotective, or them slanderers are going to get more and more hardcore with the critics.
And the speakers for today are...
Jason Goh (a.k.a. SmashPop) and Rames (Malaysia's most famous Indian blogger) also came to touch abit on their blogging history. It's true that many bloggers are influenced and inspired to blog after reading others' blogs.
I'm grateful to the co-sponsor, Acer, for providing this great Aspire 4810T Laptop for me to live blog.

My IBM X41 is at home on my bed, sleeping lol.
Also elaborated was the fact that people like to see happy stuff on a blog, rather than sad and discriminatory posts and graphics. Blogs have to entertain visitors. If they send you something, it'll be really great of you reply them. Do things that'll attract and keep people's attention, like your artworks. Rames and Jason, for instance, put up their drawings and photoshop creations.
And my least favourite part...PICTURES. It's really difficult for me to go around taking pics because first of all, I don't own a camera, and my handphone's in the shop getting repaired. If you saw me with holding a Canon IXUS 50 here, it's my brother's and it really faulty as it jumps into video mode without warning.
With that, the next session began.
So the next two blogging icons, Amanda Choe and Ellie Chee, took the stage. They were talking about things that happen to bloggers. The camwhoring, the pictures and photos. Photos make up a really essential part of blogging, even though my blog is really boring and picture-less as compared to my friends who have at least 2 pictures per post.
Hailing from Bangsar, Niki Cheong was next in line to speak.
Mainstream media & blogging - He used his time to talk about how blogs affect the media and how blogs let people see what happens behind the scenes. and's Citizen blog. There was this fascinating little contraption he spoke about called CoverIt Live. It's where instant messaging and blogging meet. Somewhat like Twitter, the service allows you to blog line-by-line, but in a more spontaneous manner. The microblogging revolution created an easier blogging style that lets more people express their feelings quickly instead of having to write long and sometimes taxing blog posts. Like Kenny Sia said, Twittering is to SMS as blogging is to Email.
Niki, who is working with TheStar, has a lot to balance from the aspect of time. He did a story about children in Laos. Being in the news, he wrote an article for the paper, his emotional perspective in his column, and a travelog in his blog. It's amazing how one story can come out in 3 different ways for 3 different aspects of media from the same person. He stated it reduces compromise on the articles that you write.
Soon Wei, who was working with Sara Lee, and now in L'oreal. is a text blogger who loves to write (AMEN Brother!). and Josh Lim, who has a blog only a mere 5 months old, has penetrated the blogosphere as one of Malaysia's Top 100 Blogs. They were the last two bloggers to speak for the day.

So how does one become a famous blogger? Either become famous, become a blogger or become a blogger, become famous and you'll end up as a famous blogger. lol. Not that easy., a little video blog, or vlog about Soon Wei, the Brylcreem Embassador, is also operated by him. The idea of the project was to get bloggers to write about Brylcreem. It made the Brylcreem market share balloon all the way from 3% to 11%

The most important thing is the feedback. As in the xcomments. The folks who tag your shoutbox. Josh save an insight on a blog that receives 50 comments on each post. With three posts a day, it's amazing how the KLCC worker who operates it can keep up with the blogosphere. has a post that had 203 comments when she did a sponsored post about Australia and offered a prize of a themed custom designed T-Shirt.

Now, what makes a good blogger?
First of all, pictures keep the interest. An interesting layout is also critical for ease of reading.
Malaysians like to watch rather than participate. It's typical for us. Especially when we're alone. lol. A good blog is also one that is read. People comment on good blogs. Even 10 readers are good.
Alot of factors that make a good blog also determine a good one.
Malaysia is a country with about 200000 bloggers and is in one of the world's top 10 blogging nations.
There's pretty tough competition in Malaysia to get to the top 100.
I'm sorry about the lack of pics. My bro's cam is really not co-operating, and blogger isn't either.

I think i've written ehough. i don't want to bore the judges. haha. I want to try my luck at the KO Quiz too =)

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Soon Wei said...

hey daniel! nice post, found it through a blog search, keep it up. Good to hear you got a lot of the talk actually :) take care!

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