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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sempre Non Legato

“I pray I’ll have a safe trip as I gaze out of my window”
Wish Upon A Star - Daniel Anthony

I got back from the Kingdom of Thailand really LATE on Sunday night. But I really thank God I’m alive. The little 48-seater Berjaya Air plane was teetering a little after takeoff, and every few seconds it felt as if we were going to stall. The gut feeling was rather disturbing. To top it off, we had the seats right next to the bloody engine. Even my brand new Cube EX1000 Headphones couldn’t damper the roaring loudness of the propeller engine. Ah, old planes. They still have the switchable No Smoking sign (which the pilot accidentally turned off upon landing).

But now I’m home, and I really miss Samui =(. I wanna go back in 2011 for the Full Moon party!

Come to look back at it, a friend told me about a place in Thailand that dips latex balloons from extra virgin latex, that’s latex that is, instead of tapped from the trees, are squeezed out of the trunk like sugarcane, and the rubber is cured slowly, producing HUGE balloons that remain soft even when inflated really big. Sold in the masses during Songkrang, I heard that this little home factory was bought over and developed by Pioneer Balloon America, now of course, known to the world as Qualatex.

A Qualatex balloon factory in Thailand? Praise the Lord! Qualatex imports are gonna get CHEAPER! c= It’s surprising how we’re a rubber exporting country and we still produce shit quality balloons that pop in hours or after a little playing whereas Thailand has less rubber plantations and produces balloons that can last for a MONTH.

Anyways, the hard study life resumes now, and SPM is like…months away, and I'm far from ready. My results are so bad that they would look better if I handed in a blank paper. I forsee a rough and painful uphill struggle on a rocky, unbeaten road in my life.

For those of you who are already on that road, don’t worry about me, I’ll be ok. Just carry on and work your way to the summit, and for those who are yet to venture off the beaten path, I’ll do what I can to help. With all the love in my heart.

I’m tired. Gotta sleep. Goodnight


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