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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Good Evening Bangkok -Part Two- Into The Night

"Just give me one more chance to make it right. I may not make it through the night"
Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5

Day 2 in Koh Samui, and Joel's asleep. Oh wait, he just got up.

It's our free and easy day, and the beach is boring. Rather than a swimming spot, it's a nightclub zone. Clubs, bars, hotels and pools line the entire beach.

And it's not like a free trade zone. Prices here really hit the roof. I wanted to go to a night market to find cheap stuff and exotic food but all I found as a "night market" were a few seafood shops and a pet shop, making up a sorta permanent night market that just stays there.

Half the day was, well, virtually wasted. The beaches aren't really built for swimming. But the cocktails are priced well here. from 69 Baht onwards. They pretty much cap at 120 baht. For a glass of Vodka Redbull, the cheapest cocktail around, that ain't bad. Beats KL prices FLAT!

I'm hoping the night market i'm going to tonight has good prices and more THAILAND rather than what's around here.

I was bathing just now, and while I was adjusting the blinds in the bathroom with soap all over my body and head, the whole thing came crashing down. I didn't mind. It was probably unstable, and for a 10-month-old hotel, the road can still be bumpy. Especially in this part of Thailand. The only thing that I did mind was the free show I put on for Chaweng road. I'll probably be on YouTube tomorrow with the title FATASS BATHING WITH WINDOW OPEN ON CHAWENG ROAD.

I thank GOD nudity is legal in Thailand, or else I'll be in jail now for...God knows what.

I'm going for an afternoon swim in the freezing cold pool now. I pray I don't catch a chill.


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