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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Good Evening Bangkok -Part Three- Prepare For Takeoff

"The miles are getting longer, the closer I get to you."
Home - Chris Daughtry

Time just flies, and school begins TOMORROW of all days.

So that was Thailand for me. Today is REALLY slow, and I've got a bad ankle, mom's sick and dad's got an aching leg.

So we're bogged in the hotel......bored to death. I'm not going back into the pool. It's too cold!

I'll be back in K.L. at 10:30 tonight. If any of ou wanna call me, i have a temporary change of number to +60102463649. Don't worry, it isn't Thai. It's Malaysian.

So I browsed through the free island maps, and after our half day tour, I felt that we have seen what there is to be seen here, but there's one thing I regret.

Dad wanted Chang beer...he got it.

Mum wanted massage...she got it

Joel wanted imitation Billabong pants...he got it

I wanted Thai specialty fried bugs...I got it...and I swear i'm never going to eat locusts and grasshoppers EVER again.

Praise the Lord i'm still alive. Now I shall go to sleep to rest this bloody ankle of mine.


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