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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Good Evening Bangkok -Part Four- 21st Century Breakdown

"She's on a hunger strike for the ones who won't make it for dinner."
Last Of The American Girls - Green Day

Alas, I thought I had done my last post in Thailand...until we got news that our flight's delayed.

But hey, did I say it was bad news?

It's great here at Samui Int'l. Our plane is probably lost in the clouds high above, because it's still not here yet. Ah Berjaya Air...developing nicely and slowly. So is Subang SkyPark. That place is awesome. Better yet, here at Samui Int'l, the courtesy counter is serving up free drinks and snacks and there's free internet (yay!).

Somehow, today was rather wasted. We didn't do anything much, except enjoy Thai Green Curry and that's really about it. Plus the whole family was pretty bogged in the comfort of Nora Chaweng Spa Hotel, where we stayed.

Due to the Thai Cyber Crime Act, free internet sessions are limited to 15 mins, so I better get going. And I really dunno why i'm holding a Bangkok Airways boarding pass that's bound for Subang.

I'll be home soon. I miss everyone.

From Samui With Love,

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