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Saturday, 16 May 2009


“We didn’t have no internet”
All Summer Long - Kid Rock

Well, i don’t have an internet connection in my house now, and neither do I have a BLOODY PHONE LINE.

The post below was supposed to be up yesterday, but however, it never made it. If you called my house yesterday and no one picked up, let’s just say, I wish i could have. The phones are SILENT. there’s no sound coming out at all!

I hardly give my house number out anyways.

Today is the 17th of May, so from my little heart, though I’ve been a real pain in the ass and a test of faith, i still can’t run away from saying


I know it sounds odd that the way we treat you teachers is so terrible, and that I’m really money-minded (with the school fees and all), but take this sincere apology from me, and I hope that in the mod-year exams, I can make it up to you people. I promise I’ll try. :)

And not only that, I have to shout out to a special someone on her very, very special day.


May you have a happy and everlasting marriage, enjoy your honeymoon!*angel smile*

The wedding in St. Francis of Assisi was a real blast, sorry I couldn’t stay so long, Mum had an errand to run, but I’m sure everything went well, and that you had the time of your life today. Many hugs!


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