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Sunday, 31 May 2009

There Isn’t An Ocean Too Deep

“Then I set a fire just to see the flame”
See The Light - Green Day

30052009 That’s a school which students LOVE very much.

(btw, that’s not my handwriting!!)

SMK Seafield…a school of GLORY.

Such government schools rely on the generosity of donations and funfairs, ticket sales, concerts to get by their facilities, and Seafield is a perfect representative of such a school. Home to the Vulcanz All-Boys and All-Girls cheerleading teams and the harmonious and skilled Seafield A and Seafield B choirs, this school was the venue for the 1st Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod(formerly known as the Young Singers’ Choral Festival or ChoralFest for short), and I would like to say a really, really big thank you to the school for hosting us.

I was in one of their rooms for a session today, and look what I saw.


They’ve participated in virtually every competition a school would be eligible to participate in, and my wonderful SRI NOBALLS, a freaking PRIVATE SCHOOL which charges RM15,000.00 PER YEAR for some things we DON’T EVEN USE could have stood a chance at just a bronze diploma in the MCE Liason if they let me lead and form a choir…

but NO! I’m in form 5, i can’t lead a choir, neither can I join both the English and Bahasa Melayu public speaking and essay writing competitions. It just reflects a STUPID management. When we bring “shame” upon the school, they complain, we want to bring a little “pride” and they also complain. What are we to do with our broken dreams? Where the heck is our future headed in?

My school complains of a lack of **AHEM**money. So why not let your budding students and your determined and willing little Daniel Anthony bring in a little more money for you to put up your nose? You say it’s difficult to organize a school, well, I’ll be at your closing ceremony 2 years from now then.

Ok, no more badmouthing ok? Idiots will be idiots. Nothing much more you can do about it. I wish you all luck when the complaining about the abuse of school fees stops coming out of my mouth and out of parents mouths. A government school student can produce a CV a MILE longer than any of us “Nobellians”. We’ll see who gets into University then hmm?

It’s Sunday, and I'm just back from managing a really FABULOUS choir from Sibu that participated in the 1st Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod Choir Competition.

Everyone, this is the Sarawak State Champion Choir, SMB Methodist Sibu


They’re really a great bunch of people to hang out with. Before the competition, they were a serious bunch of folks that no one would mess with, but after the competition, they were as if they were on holiday, talking around, singing, mingling, playing games (and pulling me into them!) and of course, bonding with each other. Although they came out 3rd in the Liason, they accepted it really humbly and then headed off to Mid-Valley for the time of their lives. They may not be hardcore and kiasu, but they’re a choir that we all could learn quite a bit from, because I have learnt so so much from them, and i had a really great 2 days managing them. They even have the gift of a member who is able to reach the high high C, C5 (2 Cs above middle C). They complained about certain things, yes, but once they know the problem is in God’s hands, they’re ok. They had an amazing repertoire of 3 songs, Tanah Pusaka, Medley from The Phantom of the Opera and Beautiful Sunday. Their rendition ofTanah Pusaka was arranged by one of their ex members. It was so good that it sounded like a commissioned piece. Better yet, they PRAY before the competition asking the Lord for guidance, strength and fearlessness.


And of course, they’re a really fun loving choir. The girl on the right is Lee Yi, their conductor. She’s really good at what she does. Unlike other student conductors, her whole body conducts the choir, and she knows what to do when things go wrong. Even though the choir I’m in, the YoungChoral Academy Chamber Choir, is virtually conductor-less, the one art of being a conductor is something that is so rare that only few can do it well, such as Lee Yi, and my good friend, the gentleman below…


Darrel Chan Yew Chung. Conductor of the Kuala Lumpur Children’s Choir during their performance as curtain raiser for the All-American Boys’ Choir. Here being ambushed by the choir he was managing, SMT Cherubim, our beloved guests from the Philippines and the obvious winners of the 2009 MCE Liason.

All in all, it was a great time managing them, unfortunately i can only spend HALF of the next 3 days due extra class.


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