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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel

“Then he beat me, so I cannot stand! *dish!* Oei! Jo mah ye? *dish!* oss! OSS!”
Hard Chinese Life Part One - Henry Chow

I once again will elaborate on how PISSED i am today. I kept telling myself not to blast on my blog anymore, but this was really the last straw.

Sri Noballs has really pushed my boiling point to it’s limits today. Literally! Well, the admin has been on my nerves, and they’re not giving us a good run for our money (i’m talking 15 Grand a year!!).

Well, it’s not the entire admin board, but mainly someone who’s giving me a bad name. My name is defined as Judge of God. and i may not be the world’s greatest Catholic(neither may I be in the world’s greatest church), but I certainly know who God is, and yes. My name is in the old testament. His books tell glorious stories of triumph over darkness and evil (and i’m not talking about undone homework or short circuits!) and is even continued in the Deuterocanonical book known as Bel and the Dragon (Pick up a CCB or Good News bible with Deuterocanonicals and take a look at the index It’s after Maccabees 4 if i’m not mistaken). The title may sound stupid, but where do you think the parable of my good friend in the Lion’s Den came from?

Ok, ok. To begin this evening’s speech, i shall once again bring to mind that i am in a PRIVATE SCHOOL. Where my mother forks out nearly RM 15000.00 (NOT A TYPO! I’s really 3 zeros!) a year to send me to get a GOOD and DECENT education. Well, you’re doing well with the education, keep that up, but don’t drop everything else. Since when did a private school ever go for a year without ENGLISH WEEK!!?!!?!?!? Oh yea. I forgot. We’re the SCHOOL WITH THE (IN)DIFFERENCE.

Wait, they still don’t wanna get rational! We had INTERNATIONAL WEEK, which was a combination of ALL the LANGUAGE WEEKS. What the heck!!? You wanna combine languages now? As it is there are over 200 different dialects for CHINESE itself. Trying a language every 10 minutes in that one week won’t even be enough to clear that!

Ok fine, case closed. The whole week was so rottenly planned anyways. Don’t blame it on us, and don’t give the lack of time excuse. Once again I’d like to rub in the RM15K that has already flown out of my mom’s bank account into wherever the hell you put it. Stop watching YouTube and Facebooking during school hours. Youtubing and Facebooking is OUR job for OUR generation, so if you refuse to grow up and accept this then I suggest you’re better off playing scrabble or doing what you old people do. YES I’m AGEIST. None of you bastard adults can respect and accept our generation, and you all demand RESPECT from us somemore. You want some respect? Call me. I’ll show you respect, or wait! Try +603-79568145. Maybe they’ll show you old hags some rahspekt.

So ok. RM15K a year, and our air conditioning is left on. You have 13 BLOODY FORM 5 STUDENTS. WITH THEIR OUR COMBINED CASH YOU CAN COUGH UP ENOUGH ELECTRICIY TO POWER KELANA JAYA FOR A WEEK! And then they disconnect out air-conditioning for a week because it’s not off. You bloody assolic adults have your eyes all focused on the money now. it’s MONEY MONEY MONEY!

Ok fine. We lost to you because my mouth was dry that day and i couldn’t argue, so you all promise that it’ll be back by Monday. I can recall very, very photorealistically that it sad ON Monday and not AT THE END OF THE DAY. So if you want to bend your rules now, I’ll let you know you’re messing with the wrong guy. I have bent rules to limits that no one has ever dared to try before, so if you play jellyfish, i’ll play liquid. Fair? No! I’m smarter here.

Next thing. The relationship between me and my mother is MY business, and none of yours. I have my sources of help when i need them, and boy do they have the time to talk rather than your busy schedule. I don’t need your “professional help”. She’s MY mother. not OUR mother or YOUR mother, and yes, giving her a hard time is MY JOB, and I love doing it. You wanna call her, call her! Don’t drag me into this, and don’t put the load on ME to not give her a hard time. I give her a hard time as I please, when I please, so please get the HELL out of my relationships with BOTH my parents, before i get into yours. I’ll say it again, NOBODY can stop me from giving my parents a hard time because that’s MY JOB and MY ROLE as THEIR SON. And on top of that yesterday was MOTHER’S DAY. Don’t make it look like it’s OUR PROBLEM. it clearly says M-O-T-H-E-R’-S  D-A-Y, not turn-over-a-new-leaf-to-impress-your-mama day. It’s may be our job to make sure it’s a good day, but don’t use this God given day as an EXCUSE to blackmail us and ruin our Mother’s Day. It’s just plain STUPID, IMMATURE and SNOBBISH.

And I thought the Malaysian Gov’t was shit…well now it’s in shit anyways. Thanks to a bunch of Barisan RUFFIANS in Perak.


NOTE: This may be a strongly insulting and disrespectful post, but it was NOT directed at ANYONE in particular. Any person or references made in this post are entirely FICTIONAL. Any resemblance to anybody is merely COINCIDENTAL and UNINTENTIONAL. DO NOT USE THIS POST as proof of sedition, rumouring, blasphemy or whatever. YOU CAN TRY, and I’ll see you in court.

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