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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bells Will Be Ringing

“What the hell were you thinking of? Laughing in the face of love.”
Instant Karma - John Lennon/U2/Duran Duran

Check the date folks. It’s the date that the Malaysian Government showed the world what a bunch of racist, self-centred bastards they are.

It was the day that the Democratic Action Party, now known as the DAP and represented by a rocket, won the majority in the elections with hard earned votes. The DAP is a political party that consisted of mainly Chinese people, and in the overwhelming joy of winning the elections against the Alliance, embarked on a Victory march.

Of course, the Alliance can’t just shut up can they?

The counter-march launched by the Alliance intercepted DAP’s victory march, starting a massive riot that spread through the streets, bathing them in blood and bodies splattered across the street.

So for today, take a moment of silence to pray for all those who died an unreasonable death, for all the families broken up, for all the friendships lost, for all the relationships terminated, and most of all, for those who died for the glory of Malaysia.

On another note, have you heard about the Darwin Awards?

It’s the award that’s given to people who lose their reproductive capability to their stupidity, either to death or inability to reproduce.

Go to to read about these funny mishaps

They have sections for near misses and personal accounts, so I tried my luck submitting two stories, but they didn’t make it. go take a look. They actually happened, of course i changed the names for their privacy.

The stories: Short-Circuit Staples and Failure To Launch

Finally, the awesome SugarSweetGoodies operated by my beloved pet sister has lost it’s business :(. It was really pretty last time I checked. Well, just goes to show how *many* people read my blog.


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