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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

And Do I Dream Again? - Part 3 - High Tide

“An empty grave is there to prove my Saviour lives!”
Because He Lives - Bill Gaither

I’ve loved that song for quite a while. More than i like butterflies that’s for sure :]

For the second day I did things that typical holidaygoers would do. Eat breakfast, cool down in the pool and then hit the beach for some summertime fun. If you notice I have a hell of a tan now. We ran out of sunblock halfway through the day.

The waves were really great and high. It was fun feeling them splash against your body.

In the evening, we went to another town, where there were banks, souveniers, schools, libraries and restaurants. Ahh great seafood. On top of that, it was my Godma’s birthday, so we had a great celebration there.

We returned to the hotel early as the town was packing up and going to sleep soon. So me and my bro went to shoot pool and play foosball. While waiting for a table, we played ping-pong with this Iranian couple. The guy offered 500 Canadian to us if we could win. Obvoiusly we didn’t.

After pool it was raining heavily, and i was dicing around waiting for it to end so that i can have another dip in the pool while my family was asleep. It rained all night. I blew up my pink dolphin swim ring and waterproofed my dad’s old phone while waiting. The waterproofing failed though. The phone got slightly wet when I tested it.


plastic looks cheap too…but that’s one rugged phone. It’ll probably survive a bomb blast.

The next morning, there were pool tables and chairs in the big pool and it was closed for a while to the public. They reopened after breakfast.

So the next morning I woke up slowly and rushed through breakfast for a last dip before leaving.

When we got home, Godma wanted Yong Tau Fu. She liked the stuff, but because she was currently staying in Thailand, we drove straight from the Lumut Jetty to Ikea. She had to visit because there are no Ikea outlets in Thailand. she got some specialty stuff and treated us to some hotdogs, currypuffs, coffee and tea there.

When we got home, I unpacked immediately and then we walked out to the Ampang Tradition Yong Tau Fu shop for dinner. Joel excused himself to buy a reload for his phone. He went to 7-11 and ran into Sarah Tan there. On the way back, he tried to clear a drain and BOOM! Sprained his right ankle.

So we spent the night talking and i had to go to sleep first because I was the only one who had school tomorrow. Mom took leave and Joel needs no explanation why he’s not going.

I said kissed Godma goodbye the next morning before I left for school where i spent the whole Bio lesson sleeping.

Haven’t been able to move my ass in the morning since Friday. Damn!

Couldn’t sleep on Monday night. I used a pack of balloons I bought from a bookshop in Pangkor and finally made a cheapo mini version of the Qualatex Balloon Flower


No the purple balloon isn’t overinflated, the pink ones are kinda unstable so they’re underinflated. But it’s still pretty right??

Haha. Will update soon.


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