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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

And Do I Dream Again? - Part 2 - Memory Lane

“25 lessons in 25 ways”
Utopia 25 - Daniel Anthony

On the morning of the 1st of May, which was Labour Day, i hopped into the car and began a 267km journey to Pulau Pangkor with my family and baptismal Godmother, Yvonne Dahlin. She’s from Sweden :).

So when we embarked on this journey, we did all so many things in the 4-and-a-half hour drive to the Lumut Jetty, making only ONE stop at Setiawan, Perak.

We arrived and were escorted really efficiently to our luggage check-in point. I looked around and did some shopping before getting on the ferry. And gasp! Insufficient seats!

So how? we sat in front on the floor next to the emergency exits eating our lunch right in front of the NO FOOD AND DRINK ALLOWED sign on the way to the way to the hotel, which owns the jetty that we docked upon. Pulau Pangkor Beach Resort. Undoubtedly one of the best hotels around. The rooms are beautiful, and we got 3 pool front couple rooms. The balcony doors lead straight to the pool! And if you’re a little more energetic, the private beach =). A beautiful one with fantastic waves. Somewhere to enjoy myself for the Labour Day weekend. Oh yes. the small but great room I shared with my bro.


Pretty huh?

It was a great hotel with lots of stuff to do and really generous buffet breakfast. So much to eat and so little time!

Anyway, on Friday evening, we summoned a taxi to take us to a town for some seafood and shopping. Guess which town we got?


That was taken with the Panorama feature on my Nokia 6210 Navigator. Not bad eh?

100 metres down the road from where i was stood…


The establishment that brought back the memories that would last a lifetime. Who remembers this road? I remember the bike I rented. The price has come down people! It used to be RM4 per hour and now it’s only RM2 per hour. Almost the same as a cybercafe rate if you don’t take the RM10 deposit into consideration. I rented one for old time’s sake and rode up and down the road just to explore a little, and I went to the beach that I once swam in. I still remember where my towel that one of my friends “accidentally” threw into the sea landed! Wow. how time flies. I could still see the gang playing volleyball with my blue beachball on the court, some sms-ing on the swing and others having a splashing good time in the sea.

The shops haven’t changed a bit either. Same stuff. More shops opened behind though.

Upon return, i did a bit more shopping for seafood and hopped onto the PINK taxi. The taxis are daredevil racers of the island, doing up to 75km/h on the winding hillside roads. I would know even though I was in the back seat. I was monitoring with my GPS. They’re the only people I know who can actually arrive exactly as a Garmin Mobile XT module would estimate.

And as we returned, guess what? The whole of Pangkor Island was in a power failure. Apparent overload on TNB. Half the marketplace was in darkness, cybercafe was down and our hotel, operating on generators, was unable to use the air-conditioning. We went to sleep after the power FINALLY came on again.

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