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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

And Do I Dream Again? - Part 1 - Hindsight

“Green, Black and Blue like the colours of the sky”
My Lil’ Butterfly - Aqua

FOR SOME REASON i suddenly have a thing for butterflies…well, partially because they’re really cute in sketches and drawings. I’ve always hated real butterflies though. My mother would always warn me about approaching them because they’re so delicate and i really don’t wanna hurt them, maybe because they’re so pretty. The main reason is because i’ve got a phobia towards the “itching powder” that’s on their wings. But i have a soft point for drawings and sketches of them. So if you hear a guy shouting “BUT-TEEERRRR-FLYYYY!!!” all of a sudden then it’ll most probably be me. Haha :). Ok now for the serious part…

Malacca. The state that every school in West Malaysia has organized a trip to. Who wouldn’t get sick of it? I’ve been in and out of Malacca nearly 15 times in my short life, almost once a year considering that I’m 17 this year.

And knowing my rebellious, political, sensitive and argumentative self, after my old school, Seri Cahaya Secondary (they think they’re a unique bunch of bastards just because their “Sri” is actually spelled “Seri”) had been tossing us in Malacca every year while other classes, younger AND older have been enjoying trips to Langkawi, Pangkor and Tioman, we I had to start making some noise. I mean, we had been given MALACCA as our destination for 3 YEARS. I had enough.

After some bitter arguments, proposals and begging, we finally got a trip to Pulau Pangkor, where we enjoyed 4 days and 3 nights in Coral Bay hotel…

Aha, you think I’m going to continue before giving my 2 cents on the hotel? You’re wrong. Ladies and Gentlemen…Coral Bay Resort.

352914025603602!2!2!2E!3!2Images!2100_2009!2Pic_052[1] (Do notice the taxis are PINK! =])

The reception obviously has NO sense of direction. I was alone in my room bathing with NO towel (my roommates took them to the pool for a dip and the hotel REFUSED to give extra). The phone rang at about 10PM and wouldn’t shut up. I used that hand towel to cover my crown jewels, exited the bathroom dripping wet and answered the phone.


Can you believe these idiots? I’m bathing ALONE in the BATHTUB, lying there nearly MOTIONLESS, and they complain, so i politely told them that they got the wrong room when the 3 heroes i was sharing my room with burst in. Yes, to find me more than half-naked and dripping wet, on the phone. A very obvious set of footprints showed where I came from, and if I’m not mistaken, the tap was STILL ON.

Anyways. That was then. I lost my snorkel, glasses, laundry basket and almost lost my beach ball.

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