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Monday, 27 April 2009


“Everywhere I look around, I’m surrounded by Your embrace”
Halo – Beyonce Knowles

Saturday the 25 of April 2009…

The day I received the blessed Sacrament of Confirmation in St. Ignatius Church as Daniel Jeyachristi Jude-Valentine Anthony. I’m a new person sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit, and I’m willing to change my old idiotic ways, if given a chance.

And no, Scott, believing in God was no wrong turn. Nearly half the world population CAN’T be wrong, not to mention those who died in His name. Besides, there’s the Gospel truth to back it all up, now you still think all that can be wrong? Spiritual encounters and divine intervention have occurred, and are bound to repeat again. You’ll see that He’s trying to reach out to your heart, full of sorrow and regret, and let you live freely with a clear mind. He loves you Scott, more than He loves me. Just give Him a chance.

To all you readers, I’m not trying to Evangelize. I’m just trying to help out someone who i believe can live his life even better without the burden he doesn’t realize he’s carrying, but if you somehow found this really touching, please pray the following prayer, written by Joel Houston (if I’m not mistaken) of Hillsong United and taken from the I Heart Revolution: With Hearts As One album, my Confirmation gift from my Godmother. c=

DEAR LORD  JESUS, I believe in You. Thank You for giving Your life for me. Thank You for taking my sin and shame upon your cross. I need You… I need Your grace to forgive me, and Your love to change me. Thank You for Your amazing love. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Now I am a Christian, which means You live in me. I belong to You. I will live my life for You, loving others, as Your love changes me…

and a little bit i wanna add.

…For every burden I’ve carried, for every heart I’ve wounded, for every word I’ve said, I ask for your forgiveness Lord, and that you may cleanse my heart and soul to live my life as your follower. I know I am not worthy Lord, but only in the light if Your goodness will I be. I make this prayer in His most Almighty name Jesus Christ AMEN.

ok, you don’t need to pray the bottom bit if you don’t feel like it. I’m just being the usual self-centred person I am. Do forgive…

So now it’s back to life. Study study study until I’m probably 25.

Lastly, to the JYM, I’m really really sorry but I can’t come for the farewell camp. I need to catch up with my studies that I left out on last year. Just to let you know that it was a great journey we walked together, and for all that, honestly, i do not want to regret any decisions I make. I’ve made too many mistakes and have kept pulling you behind because of my stubbornness. Guess things might be much easier if I was not around to stir things up. I love you guys very much.


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