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Friday, 13 February 2009


"Heads or tails? Fairytales in my mind"
Are We The Waiting - Green Day

It's been 8 years since their International Superhits! were compiled into an album and hijacked the billboard charts, 5 years since the legendary American Idiot was born, 3 years since the all too successful Bullet In A Bible DVD was launched, 1 year since Amnesty International published their rendition of Working Class Hero, and less that a year since the unlicensed bogus Malaysian mixtape Transmissions was released. The immortal politically influencial band formed in 1987 boasting three grammy awards. The band once known as Sweet Children. The band that expressed and painted out suburban life in song. The son of Rage and Love, the Jesus of Suburbia. My most favourite band of all time. The one and only,


and they're back.

TRACK LISTING as at 14th February 2009

Act 1: Heroes and Cons

  1. 21st Century Breakdown
  2. Know Your Enemy
  3. Viva la Gloria
  4. Before the Lobotomy
  5. Christian's Inferno
  6. Last Night on Earth

Act 2: Charlatans and Saints

  1. March of the Dogs

Act 3: Horseshoes and Handgrenades

Other Confirmed Track Titles

  • Restless Heart Syndrome [8]
  • 21 Guns [9]

Due for launch in May, this is one of the most anticipated albums of 2009. I am waiting ohsopatiently and i hope to win one of these. i still recall the schoolbook style nature of the American Idiot book inlay, the lyrics penned out in the order of composition, and the two 10-minute medley masterpieces - Homecoming and Jesus of Suburbia. The companion songs Holiday and Boulevard of Broken Dreams, the legacy of St. Jimmy, and the legendary American Idiot.

Unlikely as it may happen, if Green day is to come to Malaysia to promote and perform this album, i would give nearly anything to go. This is history in the making. NO OTHER punk rock band has survived so long on the charts, on the radio and in people's hearts, and just as you thought they were dead, BANG! - They're back.


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