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Thursday, 26 February 2009


"Drive fast until we crash this dead end life."
Skyway Avenue - We The Kings

I'm SO SO SO sorry i haven't updated for so longgg :(. Life got the better of me for a while.

Guess what. I performed an 11th hour rescue on my com to recover my files. I backed up everything that was anything to my mom's MyBook portable HD and BOOM! NTFS.SYS was missing.

Lost a couple of programs INCLUDING the webcam i just newly installed...tough luck larrr.

Another thing just yesterday. I was walking home from the Chee Chong Fun shop at the other end of SS2/66, and the old lot where SKY cafe and Burger King used to stang was washing out with soapy water. it was raining cats and dogs so to avoid slipping on the soap i decided to use the road. On the way down i slipped, hit the floor and was pretty much ok, until my curry bihun which was still boiling hot inverted over my arm, slammed into the ground and burst, splashing boiling hot curry all over my arm. 7 FREAKING RINGGIT worth of curry noodles just GONE like that. Bummer!

Anyways, i'm off now, nothing else to right. I'll update again soon. Pinky swear =)


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