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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Tempo de Waltz

"Here it is a red balloon, i think of you and let it go..."
99 Red Balloons - Nena/GoldFinger

An imbalance in friendship eh? I dunno, but it's hard to let go of you. I finally did, and i really hope this has not left any wounds that don't heal on you. It's taking a while for me to heal, maybe after RSS it'll be better, but don't worry about me, i'll be ok.

My love life has never been successful, and yea i went through one whole year of a partially successful relationship, but hey, every cloud has that silver lining, and if you read my last post, i'm out to find that wafer of happiness tangled in the fluff.

I really thought you were the one, until your heart settled on someone and i let that chance slip out of my hands. It has been a painful thing to hear, but It's your life, and i'm nothing but a dreamer whose dreams barely come true. But with that pain i felt proud of you. You're always there or me, and i try to be there for you:), and the Lord has granted you someone in your life to make you happy. I can't really cheer you up because i can't cheer myself up, top it all off with a love for pink, the will to be a girl and an obsession for balloons, i seem like a pretty weird guy no?

And please don't leave your phone lying around dear. I know you do it without knowing, but keep those messages private, that's all i ask. If you don't want to then it's ok, just...don't tell the world okayy?

I still love you as a friend tho, even though you forgot my birthday and i remembered yours, and though i'm always in my own world and really curious about yours, and even though i liked you and had some trouble letting go, and for all those stupid things i said and stupid questions i asked i'm really sorry, and as i said, i hope this doesn't leave a wound that won't heal, maybe we should start over as strangers i dunno, but i know i definitely do not deserve a friend like you, and i'm probably just another crazy guy in your life burning your handphone credit.

Sorry to hear that it's going to be a lonely Valentines' day for you because he had been pulled into NS(You know how much i hate that), and it looks like a lonely one for me too, unless i can land on someone who will be able to accept my overly unique personality.

So yea. live your life. I just hope we can sill be the best of friends, as if i never asked you out, as if i never liked you, as if i hadn't crushed on you.

Now i need a kiss more than anything.. :'(


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