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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Now You're Gone

"Should all acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind"
Auld Lang Syne - Traditional

Ever woke up and felt that everything you ever had was gone?

Ever woke up and felt like everything was at your doorstep yesterday, and now it's disappeared?

Ever woke up in the middle of a dream, and couldn't remember it?

Ever woke up and felt you're not the same person anymore?

Ever woke up and felt that your age has imbalanced the whole world?

Ever woke up and hoped that you could turn back time?

Ever woke up and regretted sleeping because you felt like you wasted 7 hours on the bed?

Ever woke up and felt something's missing?

Ever woke up and cried your eyes out?

2008's over, and yes, i had to let go of it, but in the last moments of the greatest year of my life, the Lord said to me:

"If ever you find that the puzzle pieces of life just won't fit in, and you can't solve it, lift them up to me, all the pieces of your life, and i will drop them into place, even if it may seem odd, everything will turn out the way they should because I am here and I LOVE YOU. You have to let go of this year, because next year, i have great plans for you, Daniel, and i know you'll miss 2008, but time will go on, and that's something you have to swallow even though it's really bitter, but all you have to do is lift your life up and TRUST ME."

I was crawling the internet for stuff, and i found this poem that really brightened my day.

Balloons make you SMILE


Balloons say CELEBRATE

Balloons raise your CHARISMA

Balloons create a FANTASY

Balloons are EXPRESSIVE

Balloons revive YOUTH

Balloons have FEELINGS

Balloons are FUN

Balloons make great GIFTS

Balloons are CUDDLY

Balloons add CHARACTER


Balloons make lasting MEMORIES

Balloons are KISSABLE

Balloons are INEXPENSIVE

Balloons add COLOUR

Balloons show LOVE

Balloons keep on GOING

Balloons are ADORABLE

Balloons bring HAPPINESS


Balloons are BUBBLY

Balloons can MAKE YOUR DAY

Balloons have SPIRIT

Balloons enhance a THEME

Balloons are FORGIVING

Balloons are CUTE

Balloons bring JOY

Balloons have a HEART

Balloons set the MOOD

Balloons are SIMPLE

Balloons are JUST PERFECT

Poem from (Edited by Daniel Anthony)

Now i'm smiling :) Yay!


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