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Monday, 12 January 2009

Music Of The Pearl

"The land of love and freedom is just a baby's breath away"
The Government Totally Sucks - Tenacious D

It feels like a month has gone by...time is really dragging.

I've survived the first week of school, and i would like to congratulate those who have suceeded in doing the same:). Somehow this year's going to be another slow one.:( SPMSPMSPM

10 As here i come...

Anyways, the news reported that 200 NS Trainees have been admitted to hospital after being diagnosed with food poisoning. This really was the last straw.

WHAT THE HECK!? Our lousy government wants us to go for this national service thingy, have idiots throw us out of bed in the early hours of the morning even before the sun gets up, make people march around a field aimlessly for your sexual pleasure, can't get enough of that and RAPE someone, have bullies that go to the extent of KILLING, have people's lives wasted by overworking an unstable heart, have "select" trainees held at gunpoint to make stupid adversisements on TV and in magazines, and this just in. HANDPHONE CONTROL!!?!??!?!?

Who the f*** do you think you are!? OUR PARENTS gave birth to us. If there's one person(next to God) that can claim ownership to us it's THEM, not your torture-fetish ass. I belong to my PARENTS, and to GOD, and not to my country. My existence is caused by my Parents and GOD, and not the stupid country that calls themselves Malaysia.

So everyone, please pray for the NS trainees who have fallen under the food poisoning case that they may live to tell the tale, and that no deaths may occour, because if one does, i'll make noise.

Now...the war on Gaza.

I don't want to go into the topic of religon on this one, but i was just watching AlJazeera a couple of nights ago when they spoke to Pak Lah regarding the war. Well, instead of plonking down in your seat all day collecting taxes and bribes and fines, why don't you stand up and petition or something. What the heck? All the noise you make won't do much difference. Even my noise can do better.


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