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Thursday, 15 January 2009

L-O, L-O, L-O, L-O-V-E

"I don't know what you do, but you do it well, i'm under your spell"
Mercy - Duffy


I had a dream yesterday night. I dreamt that I was on my bed, staring at THIS VERY SCREEN, WRITING THIS VERY POST.

Because when i woke up this morning, there was NO SUCH POST WRITTEN and NO RECORD of opening Qumana or Blogger, heck the internet wasn't even on! I was drafting offline and I SWEAR i wrote this...

But thanks to my fantabulous memory, this what i recovered form that wild dream.

January 14th 2008
11:47 AM

Love is a strange thing

no no NO, Daniel, get this right...

January 14th 2009
11:47 PM

ok...*ahem* hope this works.

Have yo any friends that you can message, IM or SMS like you're the best of friends, but when you meet in real life, they ignore you as if you don't exist?

I have plenty of those. Sadly, my lonely heart found one of them...Yes, Mr. Lovesick, Lonely and Heartbroken is in love again, with a HUGE crush on someone.

WON'T SAY WHO, and for those of you who know, don't even put the first letter of her name in the ShoutBox.

The thing is, would she accept me?? I'm the male Ugly Betty, but i'm not into looks. You maybe the hottest girl around, but if your personality sucks, i don't care. I'd date Ugly Betty for her adorable personality. Plus, i think she's pretty cute =).

But still, have you ever thought of someone so badly that...well, you wonder what you'll do if she says no?

I'm here tossing and turning and i can't sleep, while she's probably snuggled up with the fluffiest pillows in the world while having honey-smeared dreams. I think of her oh so often, and this time, i don't feel like telling too many people, as it is i learn't that even the closest of friends can't really be trusted when it comes to love and relationships. You can trust me tho;) I won't tell. Pinky swear.

ok, ny brain can't recover anymore, so i'll have to make up the rest again...

I don't know how to say i love you, i had all sorts of crazy ideas: delivering chocolates and flowers to your house, filling your room with heart-shaped balloons, cards, candies, stuff like that, taking you out to some fancy restaurant, but it hit me again that i can't buy love, and the more trash you put into it, the more trash you'll get back, unless you're my ex...then you'll get trash back for everything you put in.

I would actually consider the chocolates and flowers idea, but i don't even know where you live. We only started chatting a month back, and somehow i've started to like you, and i don't know whether you feel the same towards me...

You can say those were the days when i used to talk my head off about sex and sick stuff, those days are over. I'm trying to live life to the max, and i'm still being very, very naive, but so what? I'm going crazily hyper in school every day, and i love it. Looking for that silver lining in the clouds of life really helps me move on.

I'm ONLY seventeen, i still have the rights of a child!


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